Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Reading Challenges: An Epic Fail And REVENGE

So. Reading challenges. I <3 them.

Last year, I committed to reading 30 YA contemporary novels. Out of the 30, I only read 25

*hangs head in shame*

Because of my EPIC FAIL, I've decided to redeem myself in a huge way. This year, I've accepted the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge, and have set my goal to 55 books

Yep. 55 books. 52 weeks to read them.

And guess what? I WILL DO IT. This is my revenge against... myself. The reason why I raised the bar this year is, of course, because I sucked royally last year and want to push myself harder. Also, the 55 limit allows me to read books in a bunch of genres, not just one (I do intend to read more MG fiction this year, though. Certainly lacking in that department...). 

So yeah. 55 books, here I come!!

*flaps cape around*

Now tell me: have you joined any reading challenges this year? If so, which one? 


  1. Yes of course you WILL DO IT! Yay for you!! Good luck and enjoy!! Take care

  2. omg, you think 25 is a FAIL?!?!? Um, I am impressed. Good luck, you!

  3. Good luck. I'm starting off with 52 this year because I have some hefty books I need to work through.

  4. You can do it!
    The only reading challenge I have are the mandatory 50 books required for the semester at school.

  5. Wow, that's a lotta books! Good for you!
    Any one particular genre this time, or are you going for variety?

  6. Yay. 25 is still a fantastic number, but I know you'll hit 55! You can do it. I'm doing the Goodreads challenge as well. I'm aiming for 50 this year. I wanted to hit 50 last year, but only managed 45. This year. This year!

  7. Thanks for the support, ladies!! <3

    @Christina--IT IS A FAIL FOR ME. I read 48 books last year total, but my specific goal was to get to those bloody 30 contemps. If I can't achieve that goal, WHAT ELSE WILL I SUCK AT??? *sobs*

    @Dianne--No genre in particular, BUT I do want to read more MG books, as well as YA contemporary authors I've never read books from before. *crosses fingers*

    @Lindsay--WE CAN DO THIS THING. *fist pump*

  8. You can do it! I don't have a specific goal, just a huge TBR list that I want to tear through as quickly as possible. Mainly because the books look so good I can't believe I STILL haven't read them yet. :) Happy reading!

  9. I tried to read 52 last year and wound up with something closer to 30. :) But hey, it's still a lot of reading! Take what you can get! You are awesome, Amparo. I don't know if I'll be taking up this challenge this year (I'm already a week behind!) but I'm happy to cheer you on! Woooooot for Amparo!

  10. I haven't joined any challenges, but I don't think you can call your last year numbers an epic fail! That's still one every two weeks. And really, not that far off your goal.

    Best of luck with the 55! At least it's a REALLY fun goal to keep. :D