Monday, October 14, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Are You Doing It?

NaNoWriMo is upon us, folks. This means some of you will spend the month of November writing about 2k words a day. 

*bows down to you* 

I wish I could participate this year, especially since I've never plunged into the NaNo waters, but I won't be able to. I'll be switching between revising my current WIP and brainstorming/plotting my next one (which I'm totes excited about). 

Someday I'll NaNo. Maybe I'll even have a quick change of heart and NaNo this year! You never know. I could end up with a finished draft of a book I was hoping to write next year. Or I could just... not write it until next year.

Oh, the possibilities...

So I'm curious: are you doing NaNo this year? Have you ever done it? If you're participating, do you have any tips/traditions you swear by? What are you going to work on? 


  1. You already know what I'm up to in terms of NaNo. I'm mainly commenting to go, 1) OMG YOUR BLOG ALWAYS IS SO CUTE, and 2) Yay Iron Keys sidebar!

  2. I feel famous right now. *swishes curly hair over shoulder in an unimpressive manner* Yes, I'll be heading into the chaos realm and hopefully will return with a manuscript under my arm. Someday, yes, you will join us. It's in the stars.

  3. WHY are you two so adorbs? I cannot with the adorbs. :D

    And yes, I hope to join the NaNo ranks in the future!! *crosses fingers* *buys all the chocolate*

  4. Sadly, no NaNoing for me this year. I was hoping to! ... but no. So, maybe we can both aspire to NaNo in 2014, yes?