Tuesday, January 4, 2011

THIS Is What Happens When You Buy A John Green Book

I love surprises. I really, really do. But sometimes surprises... surprise me too much.

Case in point: I bought John Green's PAPER TOWNS on my birthday. *squees* I started reading it two days ago. Yesterday, while I was reading like a maniac, I turned a page.

And something fell out.

That something was a handwritten note.

Since my camera has died, I'm going to write what it said, word for word:

So you're looking into Paper Towns.
Good choice!
It's funny and clever *and* meaningful!

Random Person from Whereverville left a cute note inside the book. A book I bought. Anyone else could've bought it, but no. I bought it.

2011, you're looking good...


  1. Awesome! I wonder if it was written by the author! Fun to imagine. :)

    Cute cat pic! It goes perfectly with your title!

  2. Nerdfighters (people who watch John Green's Vlogs) were asked to put slips of paper into the paper town books.

    I've put slips of paper and a cute little note in a copy of Paper Towns and sometime I put them in test prep books to encourage people.

    Never EVER doubt the power of Nerdfighters.


    Putting happy notes inside books are a super east and fun way to make someone's day.

  3. Wow. I'd say 2011 is looking good! Fun. Makes me want to go put notes in random books at the book store...random acts of something.

  4. Good omen! I just bought Paper Towns, too, because I love the surprises John Green puts on the pages. Alas, I had no handwritten note, though.
    Love that kitty picture.

  5. Nice! What fun. I'll have to remember that and leave a little note of my own sometime. Very cool.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  6. Wow. I think that's a sign for good things this year. :)

  7. I've heard of people putting things into books--but I never actually knew people who found the notes! Great start to 2011. :D

  8. Wow!! That's incredible!! It's a sign of great things to come your way - I'm sure of it!! Yay! Take care

  9. hahaha! I only get those business cards that tell me I'll be "saved." Oh and I love love John Green.

  10. Oooh, cool. I like that. Also, I haven't read that yet. How is it?

  11. Erinn-- That explains A LOT! Me hearts Nerdfighters :D

    Jennifer--It is amazing. Looking For Alaska was something else, and Paper Towns is proving to be on its way. Go read it!!

    Now everyone go put notes in random books!!!