Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Hiatus... With A Parting Gift!

So. I am going on my first ever blog hiatus. *sigh*

Why am I leaving?

School. It is a time suck. Plus I have been *quite* irresponsible with it. By procrastinating. You know, with critique partner duties, my own WIP, ze blog... 

Also, my wireless router has inexplicably died. I can't use the Internet as often as I used to until I: a) figure out what the heck happened to it, or b) get a new one.

*sigh again*

But not to worry, blogging buddies. I will be back on June 1st with a bang. I am talking full blown cyber party. And gifts. 

For now, I bid adieu with a lovely parting gift I'm sure some of you will appreciate:

Chris Hemsworth in THOR

You're welcome :)

I'll see you all in June!!! Take care, and KEEP WRITING!!