About Me

i swear there were sharks behind me.

Hello! You're so pretty! *hugs you*

So. Some facts about me: 

  • I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where I still reside (and eat All The Yummy Things). 
  • I'm a college professor. I teach English and I used to also teach Social Sciences. This is because I have a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in English. This is because I'm insane. 
  • When I'm not teaching, I'm writing YA novels about diverse girls, their dreams, their fears, their adventures, and the people they love (and maybe hate) (okay, definitely hate). 
  • I speak two and a half languages: Spanish, English, and sort of Italian.
  • My favorite TV show right now is THE WALKING DEAD. 
  • My favorite TV show of all time is BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. 
  • I love K-pop. A lot. I'm in too many fandoms to name. 
  • The world is nothing without pizza.
  • My favorite actors are Jensen Ackles and Tom Hardy. 
  • I'm represented by the super awesome Linda Camacho of Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

Thanks for stopping by my blog!