Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Things On A Monday: Ryan Gosling and Robbie P's Identity Crisis

So. It has been a WHILE since I've blogged, you guys. A. While.

In order to fix that, I have decided to share two memes with you. Because that's how I show my love, of course. With memes.

Le memes:

Ryan Gosling Reads Young Adult is one of my absolute favorite things in the universe. If you're feeling down, or mad about the cold you thought you'd gotten rid of (*points at self*), this page is for you.

Someday he'll figure it out, folks. He will wake up, look at himself in the mirror and say, "OMG, you're that murdered wizard/sparkly vampire dude AT THE SAME TIME." 

He will faint from the excitement seconds later. 

*pulls out camcorder* 


So yeah. I'm back to bloggy land. Which means there are more memes to come, and more randomness than should be legal. 

How have the holidays treated you so far, blogging buddies??? I've missed you!!!


  1. ROFL. I got the second one because my family has been rewatching our Harry Potter DVDs. :D

  2. LOL!! I couldn't stop laughing at it. And yeah, I should do that whole rewatching thing as well... Usually do it a lot during the holidays :)

  3. That Ryan Gosling Reads YA site is so funny. I haven't visited it myself (till now--thanks for the link!), but I've seen several posted around.
    Happy holidays!