Monday, December 31, 2012

Five Things I Wish For YOU This New Year

So. The New Year is upon us. UPON US, I tell you.

This got me thinking about Things I Wish For Myself. But hey, those are for me. If I told you what they were, you'd get bored. Not because they are Boring Things. Because they are A Lot Of OMG How Many Things Are On This Caterpillar's List. 

Which is why I've decided to share what I wish for YOU this New Year. 

Oh, yes. There are five Things I want you to have. 

Here they are:


Whichever the source, I want it to give you the kind of happiness that leaves you so full that you don't fit in any chairs ever made. I want you to smile from all the gooey goodness in your soul. I want you to laugh at funny and beautiful things all the time. Because you should.

Good books

If you read this blog, you're probably a writer. Or an avid reader of books. Or a hardcore Jensen Ackles fan. I cannot blame you for any of these. I can, however, wish for you to find books that leave you stupid. Which means you cannot fathom how someone possesses such brilliance and is able to put it into words. It is this brilliance you wish to emulate, but you'll feel content knowing that you can never achieve it because you have a brilliance all your own. And your brilliance is worth respecting.


Not Harry Potter magic (although that would be BOSSYPANTS). Magic that sneaks up on you. Magic that comes from the unplanned, the unexpected. Awesome things that have yet to be discovered. I want YOU to be the first to discover them and enjoy them and make them yours. Then you can tell me all about it with a smug smile on your face.


What? I just really like candy. You should, too.

I don't need to explain this one, do I?

So there you go. Five things just for YOU.

You're welcome.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!


  1. Oh, those are wonderful things. Thank you, and I wish the same to you, plus everything on your list!