Monday, January 4, 2016

Pride & Prejudice: My 2016 Reading Goal

now KISS!!!

So. There's this book called Pride and Prejudice, right? I'm sure you've read it. Multiple times. Because it's fantastic.

I've never read it.

I've started it, gotten halfway through it, but life happened and I put it aside and I haven't forgiven myself since.

Which is why I have two reading goals for 2016.

Goal #1

Read 50 books (and have the majority of those books be YA novels).

Goal #2

Finish Pride and Prejudice

This is the year, folks. I'm finally reading the whole thing because holy smoke bombs it's about time. As soon as I finish the book, I'm watching the film adaptation with Keira Knightley, since a few of my friends are obsessed with it. 

*cracks knuckles* 

Let's do this, Austen!! 


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