Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tagged! I'm it!

The fabulous Rebecca Knight tagged me on her blog, and now I must share some quick facts about myself (try not to yawn so loudly, please!). The rules are simple: finish each sentence, then tag three people to do the same on their blogs.

Here goes!

I like reading blogs (duh...). But only the most awesome ones: writer's blogs, whether or not they're published.

I like the CW channel. A LOT. *blushes from shame*

I like walking my diva dog (although sometimes I feel like she's walking me...).

I like eating popcorn (or nachos) before the movie starts.

I like giving hugs.

I like to write to music. Especially if The Spark goes AWOL.

I like psychology. Human minds are truly fascinating.

I like making fake (and quite sucky...) movies on my laptop. The cheesier, the better.

I like reading about dictatorship (and praying that I never live in one...).

I like looking at the full moon. So pretty...

I like swimming in pools better than on the beach.

I ilke chocolates. I don't care which kind. Just gimme my chocolates!

I love Tim Burton. I want him to adopt me. Period.

Today was pretty productive, writing wise.

I hate close-mindedness. Makes me sick...

I hate reality whores. Although I do like laughing at some of them...

I hate bland female protagonists. Let's just all channel the Spice Girls and bring back girl power, people!

I hate networks who cancel really good TV shows just because they can.

I hate being stuck in traffic. Especially if the car next to me has Daddy Yankee cranked up to the fullest. Yuck...

I hate baby vomit. Double points if it falls on my chest (I'm looking at YOU, little cousin!).

I hate the cold. There's a reason why I live on an island (where are you, Matthew Fox? Where are you???).

I hate YA haters. It's a legit genre, people. Suck it up.

I (secretly) like everyone who's ever doubted me. I owe them a big thank you, after all.

I love Jensen Ackles. Shouldn't everybody?

Okay! Now that I'm done spilling the beans on me, I'm going to tag three fellow bloggers:

Weronika Janczuk


Jennifer Walkup

Love your blogs, girls!!!


  1. Why have I never seen your blog before?! Michael Fox, the CW, Jensen Ackles!! I feel like we've been friends forever. :D

  2. Dude, where have you been all my life?!!! Seriously, us Jensen fans must stick together!

    Love your blog, by the way!!

  3. Thanks for the mention! BTW - great list and great blog!

  4. Thanks for tagging me Amparo! And seriously? You don't like El Cangri? He's one of my Puerto Rican boyfriends, though one came out last week and I guess he'll just be my friend now (still crying over Ricky Martin. Luckily my other Puerto Rican BF is my husband:-)
    I'll do my list as soon as I come from from Disneyland with the family. Though, how I miss the island! I miss it so much it hurts.

  5. Jennifer- Right back at you, girl!! Love your blog!

    Yamile- It's true... El Cangri isn't my cup of tea. I'm more of a rock fan, so no reggaeton on my iPod. Buuuuut there's a character in my WIP who loves it, and he's Puerto Rican! See? Things even out, after all. Hahaha. Can't wait to read your list!

  6. Love the list. Yay for chocolate! *runs off to hit her kids' Easter Bunny stash*

  7. I hope you're not sick of getting awards because I gave you one today!

  8. Cool post. So glad I visited your blog from Lydia's :)
    I hate the cold and YA haters too. When say I write YA people get this look in their eyes. Don't hate the genre!!! Love chocolate, Jensen Ackles and writing to music :)

  9. How could I get sick of awards, Lydia??? Thanks so much!!

    Lindsay: I heart your blog, girl! YA and Jensen lovers unite!