Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST. TV show? Nope. Just me.

Confession: I've never watched LOST.

*waits for gasps of shock to die out*

So I guess you could say that I'm lost when it comes to LOST. Am I ashamed? A little. What am I gonna do about it? No clue.

But I wanted to post something about LOST that had nothing to do with the show's finale. I wanted to proclaim my ignorance, wave it in the air for everyone to see, stalling my Draft #4 edits as much as possible.

Some of you saw how the show ended last night. Some of you hated it. Some of you loved it.

And I enjoy scratching my head while I read your reviews.

Why? Beats me. But I have a feeling it's because there's too much going on in my head at the moment. Too much thinking for my taste. And I like the blankness of not knowing about a TV show that's been on the air for a bazillion years. It feels... nice.

There you go, peeps: my review of last night's LOST finale is...

Well, I wouldn't know, would I? But here's my review of myself: I'm lost. And doubtful. And scared.

But I'm still writing this baby anyway :D

Happy writing to everyone!


  1. I'm lost too. I don't watch Lost either, so I have no clue what everyone is going on about.

    I did record it, but will I watch it? Hmm, not sure. :)

  2. I have to admit I watched the first series and got er.. completely lost! And then just sort of forgot about it. Now it's everywhere. I just read how it ended and that suited me fine. I'm thinking that I didn't really miss much - or maybe I did but just wasn't Lost enough?

    So you are definitely not alone!
    Take care

  3. I have never watched LOST either, and reading all the LOST posts in my Google Reader is both fun and strange. :D

  4. I'm actually proud to say that I've watched five minutes of that show in my entire life. Not knowing about it lets me rest while everyone around me is gossiping about it. (:

  5. After the first season, I kind of gave up on Lost...other than pining over Sawyer. I'm also lost on my WIP. I think you're in great company.

  6. I think a lot of people just didn't understand the show. I watched every episode and I love it!

    I hate the Twilight series and but at least, I read all of them.

    To each their own. :)

  7. I've never watched Lost either. But that's really just because I'm not a big TV watcher.

  8. Hehe! I never watched Lost either. You are not in that boat alone, sister. I have certain TV shows I watch, but I never got into that show. Oh well. Happy writing to you as well!