Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Be Authentic

Sucks to say it, but most people like to compare--clothing, money, notches on the bedpost, you name it. Nothing is safe from the evil eye of scrutiny.

Then along comes someone, totally out of the blue, who flips the switch. Tongues are wagging. Eyebrows are raised. Opinions are voiced.

Why? 'Cause standing out is the new Hitler. *rolls eyes*

Authenticity--nice word, huh?

But... how do you find it?

Well, here's my honest answer: you don't. It's already found you.

Think about how you wake up in the morning, how you brush your teeth, how you comb your hair and kiss your loved ones/dogs/cats/random strangers you meet in dingy bars. Nobody else can do what you do, no matter what it is. So if you're struggling to find your 'voice', if you're too busy comparing yourself to others who've 'made it', I got a piece of advice for you: stop.

Right now.

And keep writing. Or kissing your loved ones/dogs/cats/random strangers you meet in dingy bars. 'Cause that's sort of fun, too...


  1. Great post! There is, after all, only one of me, thank goodness.

  2. Awesome post. Comparing yourself to other people only makes you insecure. The only person whose expectations you have to live up to is yourself. :)

  3. :-)

    Oh one must always kiss loved ones and furry creatures and friends. I draw the line to strangers met in dingy bars unless they are the spit of Daniel Craig! LOL!

    But seriously! Great advice - nothing like being true to yourself and your writing!

    take care

  4. Great advice. You have an amazing voice of your own, and you need to keep it. Comparing yourself to others is sometimes unavoidable since we are creatures of habit.

    I will remember your wise words. :)

  5. great post and good advice. very true and yes, it's one of those things in writing that is so hard to find, it certainly does have to find you!

  6. Love this! Sometimes I find myself fretting that my voice isn't as strong as some of the awesome authors out there. But I've learned to realize that I need to have confidence in my own writing. Because trying to copy someone else's voice doesn't work!

  7. Amen! I find the best details in my novels come from everyday life- the smell of a wet dog, the sound of someone's too-loud laugh. We just have to be paying attention to notice all the small stuff!

  8. Haha! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!! lol. Hate catty people who complain and compare everything. Jeeze I have friends like that who have to one-up you on everything and make your accomplishments seem like nothing. That's why I don't tell THOSE PEOPLE that I write books, I figure I'll shove it up their butt after I get published lol.

    And so mad Jensen is married! Ugh. Now Jared and jensen are both off the market. grrr.

  9. So true! What a great post!
    I saw you on my followers so I wanted to pop by and say hi. :-)

  10. Ah, that's the tricky thing about authenticity. People try so hard to get it, but forcing it ends up backfiring. It's when you let go and just let it be when you seem the most authentic.

    Great post!!! :D