Friday, March 4, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten BLOGFEST!!

So. Another day, another blogfest. Trust me, this is one of those blogfests I could NOT miss. Why? Well, it's about one of my fave things ever: TV.

Folks, I give you the GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN BLOGFEST!! It's hosted by the awesome team of Erinn, Pam, Quita, Alicia and Holly. 

What: I must post my top 5 shows that are no longer airing new episodes. 

As Ryan Seacrest would say, "Dim the lights! Here we go!"


HI-larious actors. Sharp, witty writing. Six unlikely best friends/neighbors. I'm sold. 

I actually started watching this show at an age in which I had to ask my mother what certain *ahem* words meant. Best WTF face ever.


Okay. Dialogue? Unrealistically sophisticated. Drama? Too... dramatic.


And the acting. And the character arcs. And the humor. Best rollercoaster ever.


America Ferrera is a gift from the acting gods. She's so talented, I'd watch her monologue the bejeezus out of a laundry list. 

This show flaunted her sense of humor and dramatic chops in the perfect balance. 

And the clothes!! Me likes purrrty clothes... 

I do regret Betty and her soulmate boss stayed in the platonic stage, but still. Awesome show.


If you know *anything* about me, you saw this coming ten miles away. 

I discovered this amazeballs show three years after its cancellation, but OMFG I love it. 

Just. Plain. Love.


First TV show I became obsessed with. Ever. Nuff said.

Oh, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is awesome.

Oh, and David Boreanaz is hot.

OH, AND SPIKE!!!! *fist pump*

So there you have it. My Top 5 Obsessions I Can't Breathe Without Fave Shows Off The Air.

Can't wait to read the other entries!! *rushes off to check 'em out*

Thanks to Erinn, Pam, Quita, Holly, and Alicia for hosting this super awesome blogfest!

P.S. I cannot believe I quoted Ryan Seacrest on my blog... O_O


  1. Hi! Friends is on my list, too. And I loved Dawson Creek!! I never saw it in the States, oddly enough. I used to watch it when I lived in France, with the voices dubbed in French. I was obsessed with those kids and their problems!! LOL

  2. I forgive you the Ryan Seacrest quote b/c you have some awesome choices! Friends almost made me and Pam's list but we had too many choices so we narrowed it down to shows that were canceled instead of the ones that had a wrapped up ending. Veronica Mars is our # 1 b/c we LOVED that show from the moment we saw the premier episode. We knew it had something special and it's cool that you and others discovered it eventually ;) Buffy was also a pretty good choice, I stopped watching after the first few episodes of the college transition though...

  3. Great choices! I don't care what anybody says, Friends was hilarious! Oh, and I'm surprised you didn't mention that Dawson's Creek also featured a pre-Supernatural Jensen Ackles. :)

  4. I CAN"T BELIEVE I FORGOT V MARS. Stupid stupid stupid.

    Great picks. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  5. Love those shows! I rarely watched Dawson's Creek but I followed it by watching the commercials.

    Two more shows I loved and lost: My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks.

    I loved Lost too but I was relieved when it ended.

  6. Too funny--I discovered Veronica Mars after it was over, too--I love my local library! And Buffy was ALMOST on my list.

  7. Great choices! Aaaah Dawson's Creek... ;)

  8. Whedon rules!
    I found out about Veronica Mars after it was off the air too. Maybe they should have advertised more!
    Great list!

  9. Great ones- I definitely need to check out Veronica Mars- it's already come up a few times.

  10. Oh Buffy is a definite! Of course I would have to add Roswell, but NOT Season 2...well okay maybe the episode with future Max, but that's it.

  11. Friends and Buffy two of my top all time favs

  12. Buffy! Yes, the best.

    Ugly Betty and Veronica came out after I started writing, which means I haven't had the time to see them...but I plan between some book or other.

  13. Cool list! I didn't realise Ugly Betty has ended?

  14. Oh I miss Veronica Mars... it's so sad they cut that one. SIGH.

  15. Friends and Veronica Mars are on my list too! I have watched your others shows but they didn't quite make the cut for me lol I do miss them though. Ah, all those episodes I watched just to see Pacey and Joey get back together :)

  16. I haven't really seen much of the other four but you're right-Buffy is amazing!

  17. I liked buffy as well but I must admit, I watched it mostly because of Angel and Spike. But Buffy sure kicked butt!

    Great list!

  18. Love, love, love all these shows!

  19. I knew I meant to add Buffy the Vampire Slayer! D'oh! My list has Dawson's Creek on it, too. :)

  20. Joshua Jackson, David Boreanaz, Spike, and a snippet of Robert Pattinson lurking at the bottom of the post. Hello! This is one of those rare moments when 'awesome' isn't an awesome enough word. :)

    Great, great list!


  21. wonderful picks! ive only seen ugly betty out of the five, and I <3 that show. ill definitely be watching the rest...some time :D

  22. Spike = YES. That is all. :)

    Fab list!

  23. Oh yea! Ugly Betty! I loved that show!!! I really like the way it ended though...

  24. Great list!

    How I miss Dawson's Creek and Buffy!

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