Monday, August 8, 2011

Movie Trailer Monday: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Anne Hathaway As A Badass, And The Importance Of Taking Risks

Yep. It's another edition of Movie Trailer Monday!!!

And it's all about...


*flaps black cape*

So. I l-o-v-e Batman. Especially if Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan had anything to do with it. 

Which leads me to the final installment in Nolan's trilogy.

First, le trailer for The Dark Knight Rises:

Now, le Anne Hathaway as a Badass a.k.a. Catwoman:

And now, le importance if taking risks: raise your hand if you ever thought Anne Hathaway would get to play Catwoman.



She's beautiful, nice-looking, and soft-spoken. But she wanted to audition for Nolan's film. She wanted to play Catwoman. AND SHE IS. Bottom line? Anne Hathaway should be your sensei. If you want to write a genre you've never tackled, GO FOR IT. Repeat after me: risks are our friends. They change our lives for the better or worse, but the point is that they change our lives. They make us stronger. They force us to learn. 

Don't ever turn your back on a chance to learn. 

Nuff said.

Now tell me: are you excited for The Dark Knight Rises? And what do you think about Anne as Catwoman??


  1. I was shocked when I read this. I had no idea Anne was catwoman. I adore her, but is she badass enough? I guess we'll find out soon. :)

  2. OMG THE DARK KNIGHT WAS SOOOO GOOD. i HAVE to see the whole trilogy sometime soon. also: anne hathaway? AWESOMENESS PERSONIFIED.

    andi totally agree with the risk. i'm going to try and write fantasy sometime yeah, i'm kinda psyched about it :D

  3. I love this post! Love the analogy of taking risks. And I have to raise my hand, because yes, I did think Anne Hathaway could play Catwoman. I trust Christopher Nolan's instincts. Look at Heath Ledger. Did anyone think he could play the Joker as amazingly as he did?
    And yes, I am totally stoked about The Dark Knight Rises.

  4. Great post. Taking risks is scary, but always worthwhile. And I think Anne Hathaway will be an awesome Catwoman.

  5. Stina--Agreed. She doesn't look like she could hurt a kitten, but there you go. Hopefully, she'll wow us all! *crosses fingers*

    Aleeza--OMG, another Nolan fangirl!! *fist pump* You go ahead and write that fantasy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. I'll be right here rooting for you :)

    Lin--Thanks!! You are SO right about Heath. That was my favorite performance from him EVER. So yeah, Nolan's instincts are spot on. Cannot wait for next summer.

    Lindsay--Thank you! Anne will probably surprise everyone and their mother :) #takingrisksFTW

  6. It's going to be so great! And Anne Hathaway? I didn't realize she was going to be Catwoman. So cool!

  7. Anne as catwoman? Didn't realize. I LOVE Batman. Looking forward to this movie.

  8. Wow. Awesome that Anne is Catwoman. I like how you tied this into taking risks. I think writers take risks any time they sit down to write. Good post.