Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Trailer Monday: THE HUNGER GAMES *brain explodes*

I don't think I need to prelude this trailer with anything, do I?

*shakes head*

Okay. I'm just going to lead you straight to it, folks.

Le first official trailer for The Hunger Games:

I know it's still rough (filming hasn't ended yet, so they don't have much footage to show us), but I think it's a decent teaser. Jennifer Lawrence looks like the perfect mix of badass and vulnerable. The voice-over with Gale warms my heart, too. OH, AND RUE'S WHISTLE AT THE END. 


I cannot wait to see a full-length trailer with... wait for it... PEETA!!!

*fist pump*

Now tell me: what did you think of the teaser? Are you excited, or underwhelmed? 


  1. Okay so I am on Team Peeta (high fives) but just HEARING GALE'S VOICE sent me over the edge. Seriously, I think my heart stopped.

    Never doubted Jennifer Lawrence for a second. I might die when I see the real trailer with PEETA. and I might not get any work done that day.

  2. E.--I can't wait, either! It's stressful just thinking about WAITING.

    Leigh--I KNOW. The minute I see Peeta onscreen, I will have serious heart failure. *sigh*

  3. Thanks for the glimpse! My only complaint is that it's too short. :)

  4. Wow! I can't wait to see it! Thanks for the clip. =D

  5. I'm very excited!!! And I'll stop drooling in just a minute.

  6. Excited!! I just did a little happy hop in my chair. I'm prepared to dork out completely next March.

  7. Rue's whistle at the end gave me chills. Really excited about this movie.

  8. Woo! I'm so so excited! I will be watching this over and over again until we can get a decent length teaser haha.