Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome Writing Tip From Betty White

So. Betty White.

What more is there to say?

Well, if you watched the Emmy Awards Pre-show last night, like I totally did, you have something extra to add about Betty White. You see, during an interview, she was asked how she's managed to make this point in her career the highest, most memorable one.

And she said, "I just don't go away."

By not going away, or giving up, or bemoaning her failures, Betty's guaranteed an unforeseen success for herself. It's all about the attitude, folks. Of course you're going to have sucky writing days. I've have quite a few this past week. And guess what? There are much more to come.

But the next time I want to go away or give up or bemoan my failures, I'll whip out this pic:

And that's all I need to keep pushing on :)

Now tell me: what do you do when you're down in the writing dumps? 


  1. I never force it. If the inspiration isn't there, I just take a day off. In the long run, though, I never give up.

  2. I agree with Matthew. I never force myself, but I don't quit either. Cute post! :)

  3. I also agree with Matthew. Taking a drive, washing the dishes, watching a movie--some of these tasks take my mind off the worry and allow for fresh ideas to flow.
    I have to say that picture of Betty White made me laugh out loud.

  4. Betty White for Prez of the Universe!!! Yay! Take care

  5. OMG, that picture is brilliant! When I'm in the writing slumps I go do something else (unless I'm on deadline then I usually force myself through it).

  6. Love the pic!
    I also take the day off - forcing it rarely works. The key for me is to not give myself that break TOO often.

  7. I never give up either. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's not. :)

  8. That is fantastic advice - especially for any queriers. Query project after project, polished, finished work, and don't go away... It'll work at some point!

  9. Well, I'm sorta like ol' Betty there. I just keep going. Something has to give and then suddenly from somewhere, someone says a nice thing about my writing without me even having to ask or beg. I just don't stop writing, I keep going. I don't go away. :D

  10. LOL!
    I've heard more than one writer say that the ones who have the most success are not necessarily the most talented, but the most persistent.

  11. OKAY, THIS IS GOING TO SOUND AWFUL, but I've gotten into the habit of reading bad reviews when I'm feeling down. I'll search a popular book on goodreads, then scroll to the reviews with three or less starts, and then read why so-and-so didn't like this super-popular book.

    Yeah, I'm awful. Thankfully it doesn't change my opinion of whether or not I'll read the book, but it makes me feel good that even this book "EVERYONE" likes has a few dissenting opinions. So even if my work isn't loved by everyone, neither is something like Twilight ;)