Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BEA Envy And What I'm Doing To Ignore It

So. BEA is in full swing over at NYC this week. Sadly, I am not in NYC. *sobs*

BUT I am doing lots to pretend nothing exciting and super awesome is happening anywhere. Which things, you ask? 


1) FINALLY working on my first draft after a two month brainstorming hiatus. It's going really well so far. Hope to have a finished (and gloriously crappy) draft by September. *cracks knuckles*

2) Buying new music like a maniac. No, seriously. I am on a ROLL. This past weekend, I bought three albums. Last weekend, I bought FOUR. All WIP inspiration. So yeah. Music. It's awesome. 

Here's an example of what I bought:

Sigur Rós"Ekki Múkk"

3) I've seen SO. MANY. MOVIES. Both at the cinema and rented/recorded flicks. I also bought the first season of the animated Batman series. YES I DID. BECAUSE WHY WOULDN'T I? *fangirls*

4) Last but certainly not least, I've Googled endless pictures of Chris Hemsworth. The Hems trumps BEA envy, folks. I promise you.

Now tell me: are you suffering from BEA envy like me? Or are you at BEA having the time of your life?? 


  1. I am so suffering from BEA envy, but I have not found a way to combat it yet. I just sent some revisions off, so perhaps I will give that drafting thing a try, haha.

    Hope everyone over there is having a fabulous time!

  2. I'm dying from BEA envy! I always say to myself, "Maybe next year!" So...maybe next year? Lol! I'm distracting myself with Gaga videos, horror flicks on Netflix, and lots of delicious snacks. :)

  3. Hee hee. I'm not at BEA either. I'm sitting home writing my book. :-)

  4. I am absolutely suffering from BEA envy!

    But I am also worrying compulsively over -- Can I go to BEA next year? Will my book be there? Will my publisher want me to go? Will I be able to get off work? (It's awful close to the end of the school year.) Will my husband go with me? (Because I'm scared of NYC.)

    I don't know whether I'm more terrified about not getting there next year -- or succeeding in getting there next year!

  5. Thanks for the Chris H. hit...I needed that. Wink.