Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Chain: From Page To Screen

So. This blog chain round is brought to you by the awesome Michelle, who wants to know the following:

There are so many book-to-movie adaptations out there. Which are your favorites? Which are your least favorites? Why? Do you make sure you've read a book before you go see the movie adaptation, or do you prefer to read it after, or not at all?

LOVE this topic. *dances* Okay. My favorite book-to-movie adaptations tend to be those who either stay pretty faithful to the book or make me love the book even more after watching it. Here are two of my absolute faves:


Super, duper faithful to the book. Also, Liam Hemsworth. *sigh*


Not totally faithful to the book, but honestly, I get SO EXCITED whenever I'm about to watch this movie. It makes me want to pick up the book and read it again, even though reading the book was a traumatizing experience for me (Harry pissed off at his friends? Dolores Umbridge invading Hogwarts? WHY SIRIUS WHY????). 

And here are two of my least fave adaptations:


I liked this movie, but it is nowhere near as suspense-y, intricately layered, and HARDCORE as the book. It did let me stare at Garrett Hedlund, though, and I shall be forever grateful for that.


This is my favorite Harry Potter book. No, really, it is. But the movie disappointed me. No Dumbledore's Army battling the Death Eaters as they invade Hogwarts. No funeral for Dumbledore. AND THAT KISS WITH GINNY WHAT WAS THAT I CAN'T EVEN. *sigh* 

As for reading the book before seeing the movie, I always try to do so. BUT only if I like what the book's about. I saw Water For Elephants without reading the book first, for example, thinking it wasn't going to leave a humongous impression on me. I ended up liking the movie a lot, and now I want to read the book! *makes grabby hands* I'm the kind of person who gets OMG excited when film rights are sold for books I love, though. I don't really worry about the quality of the movie until I actually see the movie. Or a trailer. I can be fickle like that. :)

I just want someone to bring November 2013 here already so I can watch Catching Fire. Because obviously.

Make sure you check out Cole's post for the chain, and stay tuned tomorrow for Margie's!

Now tell me: did you like any of these adaptations? Are there other adaptations you're head over heels for?? 


  1. I have been meaning to read Water for Elephants for years. I also kind of wanted to see the movie - glad to hear that it was good. Hopefully I will get around to both of them one of these days.