Monday, November 19, 2012

An Open Letter To Breaking Dawn Part 2

Dear Breaking Dawn Part 2,

I saw you this past Friday. As usual, my excitement level was mild. I went in knowing exactly what was going to happen, as I've read all the books. There was nothing about you that was going to surprise me. Yes, film critics and Stephenie Meyer herself had said there was a twist ending. But I was all HAHAHAHA YOUR TWIST DOESN'T SCARE ME. Besides, half-vampire baby getting ripped from Bella's womb? How can you possibly top THAT?

I had seen the trailer, of course, and I knew they'd added a fight sequence to make the movie more exciting than the book (where your characters spend A LOT of time talking about possibly fighting). Not even this was enough to give me goosebumps. "It doesn't matter that they've added a fight sequence," I said. "It'll just be a whole bunch of vampires hitting each other. Then they'll be all benevolent and call it quits because what is the use of war when we can talk it out."
Then you did it, Breaking Dawn Part 2. You surprised me. 


The theater was full of teen girls, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Do you have any idea what kind of badass ability teen girls possess? They can shriek really, really, really, really, really loudly when they're pissed off. Or sad. Or both. I am not a teen girl, but my gift has traveled with me into adulthood. Much to my father's dismay (yes, my father saw the movie with me. I know--I can't believe it, either).

What I'm trying to say is this: I almost suffered heart failure. The world almost lost one of its most deranged inhabitants. You, Breaking Dawn Part 2, gave me the joy of belonging to an audience with so. Much. Passion. The twist was... perfect. The ending was... sweet. And fitting. I didn't cry, obvi. I don't cry over anything other than Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, and when Frodo totally bails on Sam to get played by Gollum in The Return of the King. But I did feel the years in the franchise. I felt each and every movie, each and every book. And this might sound weird, but I wasn't as happy for Bella finally finding her place in the world. 

I was happiest for someone else.

This dude tried to kill himself once. This dude spent a bazillion years hating himself, his existence, and feeling empty. But on that last page, in that last scene, this dude's a man. A dead one, but still. 

Purpose, Breaking Dawn Part 2. You were all about giving your characters purpose. So thanks for that. And thanks for making me scream at the movies again (hadn't done that in a while). 

Kind regards,

The Sort Of Fan You Almost Killed.



  1. Glad to hear I was planning on waiting for this one to come out on DVD:)

  2. lol agreed :D What I loved was that it was a huge major twist NO ONE expected (even with the trailers) and yet they were able to do it with out really changing what actually happens in the book. Pretty clever to be able to add something like that while staying true to what happens in the book AND actually improving on it - honestly, I think they portrayed what should have been described in the book, because the movie does a much better job explaining why things turn out the way they do IMO.

    I really need to go see it again lol Much enjoyed :)

  3. Whoawhoawhoa! WHAT happened??? No, don't tell me. Oh my gosh...did they fix it to give it a good ending or something?

    Gahhhhhh I have to see it now. 0_0

  4. Thank you for not spoiling and now I'm excited! I go to the movie Thanksgiving Night. A girlfriend tradition for the last 4 movie releases. Can't wait wait wait...

  5. I love this post and I loved this movie. Though, someone spoiled the twist for me. :/ Such a great way to end the saga! Christine

  6. The twist was awesome. My husband was sitting in the theatre with me (yes, I'm lucky), and he was like, "That didn't happen in the book." (yes, he read them. yes, he's awesome) And then I was like, "Okay, maybe they felt that was necessary. And that. And tha--Oh no, that's not okay! And just when I was like, "They totally ruined it completely," BAM! Twist.

    Better than the book!

    1. Oh, and my husband can't wait for it to come out on DVD so he can watch it again. He was still talking about it the next day. That's power.