Monday, January 21, 2013

The Power Of Yummy. Or, Why I Bake

So. Baking. I've been pretty obsessed with it for the past year. It started in high school, I think. Or maybe in middle school? *taps head* Yeah. Maybe middle school. The thing is, I only baked two batches of chocolate chip cookies when I was younger, then gave up baking. It was only a thousand years later that I took it up again.

Here are a few examples of Things I Bake:

chocolate fudge cupcakes
(those are white chocolate chips on top. *drools* oh, and some cupcakes have chocolate frosting while others have cream cheese frosting--choosing is for the WEAK)

strawberry cake


lemon cake

ultimate oreo brownies
(using this awesometastic recipe. it includes reese's peanut butter cups and cookie dough!)

There are a million things I've yet to bake, but they're forthcoming (I promise to blog and upload pics of my future yummies once I bake them!). So. Why do I bake? Because I love to eat, and dessert is my favorite dish. Obvi.

I also bake because it gives me a sense of purpose. Like writing, baking makes me feel like I'm doing something of worth. I'm feeding myself and others, yes, but I'm creating something that wasn't there before, too. 99.9% of pastry chefs would mock my decorating skills. Because obviously. But I pay more attention to what's inside the yummy. At least for now in my beginner stage. Someday, I'll learn to master all aspects of the baking process and benefit from my hard work. I'm okay with sucking at presentation and knocking people out with the power of yummy. 

It is the best power in the universe, after all.

Now tell me: do you bake? If so, what's your favorite dish?


  1. I LOVE baking. It's creating with a delicious product. And I love the anal-ness of all the measurements because I can just get lost in being so exact. I mostly love to bake cakes and I'm terrified of pies or anything pastry-ish.

    1. YES. I don't think I'll ever attempt pies or pastries. I don't eat them as often, so I guess that's an important factor. Here's to making more delicious products! :)

  2. YUMMMMM. Those all look amazing! I bake because I love making something from scratch, and also b/c I have a sweet tooth haha.

    1. Sweet tooth > everything else in life. I'm SO with you. And thank you!! They tasted amazing, too!

  3. I am so hungry now! ;)
    I used to decorate cakes for a living. It was so fun. And yeah, I bake at home all the time. I love a good recipe!