Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello, stranger...

So. First post ever.

And it feels awesome!

So awesome that I'm at a loss for words, actually. Just don't tell that to my WIP, please. It's been through enough...

And it's not even done yet.

*glares at the screen and slams head into desk ten times in a row*

Anyway, welcome to my blog! *wipes blood from forehead* I don't know if you should be happy about being here, but here you are. Deal with it. *grabs ice pack from the fridge* I'll be posting cool stuff about me soon, so-

Wait... IS there anything cool about me?

Um... *stares blankly at the screen*

Oh, crap almighty... *slams bleeding forehead into desk*

So, yeah... *presses ice pack even harder* I'll come up with some cool things to write soon, even if they're all made up... (I write stuff, so I'm allowed!).

I'm just taking this moment to thank you for giving me a chance. This blog will chronicle my absurd progression into adulthood (like that's gonna happen...), the development of my manuscript (good luck with that...), and anything else that happens to strike my fancy (I feel sorry for you already). With that said, thanks for stopping by, and I'll check you later, stranger!

*lets head fall on top of desk and passes out*

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