Saturday, July 10, 2010

Confession: I Like Fake Men. A Lot.

Just in case I haven't made myself clear, Jensen Ackles is my husband:

I am Mrs. Jensen Ackles. Not anyone else. Period.

But even though I am committed to my stud muffin, there are times when my eyes wander. A LOT. And it seems as though I can't control myself. The power of male hotness is too strong for me to fight.

Male hotness = 50 points.

My will = zero.

Male hotness takes the championship. *face palm*

But here's the kicker: I am unfaithful with guys who don't exist.

*double face palm*

TV characters. YA bad boys. YA good boys.

I am a pile of schoolgirl mush whenever the Fake Other Ones appear.

The more I travel the blogosphere, the more readers I find spilling details about their unfaithfulness. It's as if everyone has that one stud muffin (or stud muffiness) they come home to, but there's THAT FAKE OTHER ONE their main squeeze doesn't know about. Well, in some cases, they do know, and it can actually make the relationship more tense.

Just ask this guy--he knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, that Fake Other One makes you squee whenever he comes up on TV, or when you turn the page and he spews an awesome one-liner. He blurs the line between your adult self and that fifteen-year-old you thought you'd gotten rid of. Forget till death do us part--the Fake Other One swoops in as soon as your main squeeze turns the corner. Why, oh, why is the Fake Other One torturing you?!

Help me out here: is this normal? Do you crush on guys who don't exist? If so, what about them makes you swoon so much?


  1. Just as soon as I post a picture on my blog of a hot chick and call her my Fake Other One...that's the day my blogging comes to an end...because I will no longer have a computer...because my wife will have broken it in two over my head!!!!!

    Guys can't swoon! It is not allowed!! :(

  2. Of course I crush on guys who don't exist? Who doesn't! I feel like it's a prerequisite of reading young adult books with any kind of romance in them because, come on. When you're a teenager, a hot guy is the end of the world.

  3. I just posted about my top ten YA book boys. I have A LOT of Fake Other Ones...

  4. First, I mourned the loss of Jensen's availability. I've liked him since he first showed up on Dark Angel. *sigh* Oh well, at least he's happy.

    Second, I'm right there with ya. Luckily I don't have a real guy so it's perfectly acceptable for me to swoon over all the fictional ones. :)

  5. Aww honey, I'm sorry to burst your bubble but *I* am Mrs. Jensen Ackles. :0) Yep - I crush on all kinds of non-existent guys. Roarke from JD Robb's series, Wrath (only) from JR Ward's series, etc. Typically the bad boys, of course.

  6. I've been Mrs Daniel Craig since forever and one day he'll realise that it was meant to be!
    Take care

  7. This is such a fab--

    *Jensen Ackles*

    ERM. what was I saying?

  8. My first crush was on that rat from the Secret of Nymm. Then I had an unhealthy obsession with Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.

  9. This guy: He's played by Kyle Gallner, who isn't too bad himself, but something about this poetic, sorta-emo boy makes me certain we're soulmates.

    Y'know...if he hadn't gotten eaten alive by Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body... :/

    At least Jensen is real. Dean isn't, but Jensen is! :) And quite fine as well. xD

  10. Ooh, I am so guilty of this! I have crushes on fake men, and real ones too...I'm a *touch* obsessed with some World Cup Soccer players at the moment. And Taylor Lautner (even though he's too young for me...I say that like it's the only thing keeping us apart, lol)

  11. I totally get it; join the club and that's my soul mate you are talking about at the start of this post LOL Get in line Baby :)As far as Dean Winchester I been writing about him for years and I know him intimately LMAO.........Thanks for posting.

  12. I'm right there wit you, sister. I have crushes on MANY men, real and faux and literary..and even dead. (Hello, young Paul Newman was HOT! Heath Ledger...and my list goes on...)

    Ranger? Hell YES. (Morelli, yeah, him too.)

    Ryan Gosling...YUMMMMMmmmm.

    I could type for an hour and still not hit all the guys I have crushes on. :)

    My Husband understands. He has his list.

    Happy Weekend!

  13. Hahahaha - great post! What's even more fun than lusting after fake hot guys is CREATING fake hot guys! Just one of the many perks of writing :D

  14. umm... Oh yeah, the fake ones are better than the real ones in a lot of ways and vice versa *wink*

  15. I heart this post!

    Tasty Fake Ones. Hmm...there are too many to name. Well, there's definitely Leo from Charmed. What a stud-angel. And the book version of Edward really got my heart racing, but maybe that was just through Bella's eyes. The movie version certainly doesn't have the same effect! :-)