Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Not Writing Every Day Is Okay

Let's face it. Sometimes life gets in the way of your writing goals. I sure as heck know. For my current work in progress, I've been aiming for 2k a day. I have a deadline in mind, mainly because I'm starting my Master's in the fall and want to only work on editing during my classes. So far, I haven't even reached 30k. Pathetic, huh?

Or is it?

Most writers beat themselves up if they skip a writing day. I can understand their determination to get things done, but I also encourage them to have something that's essential to the writing experience.

A life.

Go shopping. Hang out with friends. Jog for five miles. Travel the world. That's what summer's all about--being free to experience something new and exciting. Sure, writing is exciting for most, but so is that life you keep neglecting.

My advice? Write when you can. If that includes every day, so be it. But try to do it in reasonable amounts, i. e. two hours a day. That way, you'll be accomplishing a writing goal and have plenty of "life" time. Trust me, I've beaten myself up for not writing my 2k a day, only to realize the time I spent away from the computer wasn't wasted at all.

Why? 'Cause I was having fun. And as long as it's fun, it's not wasted time.

How about you? Do you berate yourself for not writing every day? Or do you have a more mellow approach for your writing goals?


  1. Oh Golly - I have the mellow yellow look at that fellow approach!! LOL!! That's why I'm still where I am probably!LOL! But you know - the sun's out and it's the weekend! Good grief!

    GOOD LUCK with your WIPs!!!! 1 finished two to go - good for you, I am in AWE!! And I love your new look blog too!

    Take care

  2. To me life experiences are essential fuel to a writer's muse. Without living and enjoying the little things, we basically let our prose shrivel up in a slow death. So of course I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. For me, you have to live in order to breathe life into your work! I totally agree :D

  4. If I miss a day of writing I try not to be too hard on myself, which I used to be.

    I go out more and I'm part of more organizations. I find that living an actual life leads to better writing. Now I have more stuff to write about.

  5. I definitely used to beat myself up. Then I realized I was spending all my non-writing time feeling like a disappointment, like I had that thing I was SUPPOSED to be doing... like I had homework again, yuck!
    So now I mellowed out. I write when I get the time, and more often than not I really like what I write. But when I'm not writing, I'm enjoying that too.
    Awesome post and great advice :)