Friday, August 13, 2010

Fess Up Friday: It Takes Two

First of all, I'd like to give a round of applause to the awesome ladies who organized WriteOnCon!!! I've learned so much in three days, it's insane. Count on my return for next year. Word.

Okay. Now on to this week's trend question: do you like stories with more than one narrator?

Personally, I love them when the authors keep it simple. Translation: no more than four points of view, please. I love getting into a character's head, then seeing the same thing through another person's eyes. Sometimes it can get a little distracting, sure, but I love a challenge.

Here are two of my favorite dual narrator books:

If you're thinking about writing a story with more than one POV, check these babies out.

Now tell me: are you digging the 'it takes two' approach? Or can you live without it?


  1. I'm afraid of writing this way, but I loved the way it worked in Perfect Chemistry. If the story had been told from one POV, I don't think it would have held me captive like it did.

    Agh! Why haven't I read Shiver yet? I'm working my way there. I did read a sample on my Nook and so far love the style.

    This is a timely post b/c I'm seriously having trouble deciding with my WIP whether I should write my romance from both perspectives or just one? With one, there's more room for mystery. With two, there's more magic and depth. So tricky!

  2. I agree with you, if the author keeps it simple, I think multiple POVs can work. Personally, I don't mind if a book has two or three POVS, but any more than that, I could usually live without.

    And even though I think it can work in certain projects, I'm not in any rush to try to write anything with multiple POVs! :)

  3. I think if the narrative is strong enough multiple POVs work - Agatha Christie/Terry Pratchett tend to do this but I don't notice so much because the stories are so darned good!

    Thanks for the info on these books! And Yay for WriteonCon!!

    Take care

  4. I use multiple narrators myself; it's fun and it allows readers to get into the mind of more than one distinct character. But it can be difficult juggling all the POVs, which is why not too many authors do it. But I like it! :]

  5. I still have to check out Perfect Chemistry. I haven't dared multiple narrative yet. I'll have to check out the books and see if I dare. =)

  6. I'm a fan of multiple POVs. I like seeing how different situations affect different characters. It changes the scope for me, which is great, because -depending on the story- I sometimes find it frustrating to only have one person's reaction to things.

  7. I read Shiver, but not Perfect Chemistry. I found that in Shiver it worked. I've read other books with shifting POV and enjoyed them. I think it takes extra skill and organization to get it right.