Friday, August 20, 2010

Fess Up Friday: My Fairy Lady

Thanks to all who commented on yesterday's Shocking-Or-Not post. I think the photo is uh-may-zing, but I'm biased, so my vote doesn't count :)

Anyway, it's time for another edition of Fess Up Friday! Woot!

This week's trend question: are you a fan of fairies?

In case you haven't experienced the fairy phenomenon, here are a couple suggestions that have gotten some great buzz from readers:

I've only read WICKED LOVELY and TITHE (shame on me...), but the other two are on my to-read pile. Overall, I dig fairies. Especially if the mythology is twisted into something darker, less Tinkerbell-ish (like TITHE, in particular). Oh, and some swooning romance never hurts.

How about you? Fan of the fey?


  1. I've never read a book about fairies, but now I'm kind of curious. I'm sure I'll read one eventually!

  2. Having read all of the above, I'd have to say if it's dark and edgy faeries you want, go with Holly Black and Melissa Marr. If it's a bit lighter with some sweet romance, then Aprilyne Pike and Carrie Jones are the ticket. All four are a great read!

  3. I've got all those books too. lol. I'm a equal opportunity kind of a gal so, in the interests of fairness, I give all Fae folk a chance :)

  4. Awww I love Tinkerbelle!! LOL!!!! She's a cutie and very mischievious and vain and silly but with a good heart (oooh like me! LOL!! I'm kidding!!). Anyway - Tithe sounds like my cuppa tea- I might put that on my list..!

    Take care

  5. It depends on the book. I haven't read Holly Black's book yet. I'm intrigued! I'll have to check it out. =)

  6. I read Wicked Lovely, I liked it but it didn't make me jump on the fairy bandwagon.

  7. I am not a fan of fairies. I don't know what it is about them but if I read a description of a book and it's about fairies, I put it down.

  8. I've always liked fairies (The Fairy Rebel being one of my fave childhood books). I haven't read Faerie Rebel yet, though. Wings was cute, but Spells (the sequel) was even better! From the first 70 pages of Paranormalcy, I can see liking the darker slant of fairies. It's that twisted love and power that kind of seduces you (like Aprilynne's blurb for Paranormalcy!).

    Yes, fairies, yes.