Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beth Revis's Epic Contest Of Epic!!!!

Yes, I'm aware that I'm posting twice in one day. You should be aware that I have a good reason why.

The post title speaks for itself, folks. The ever-awesome-and-talented Beth Revis is throwing a contest that puts all others to shame

How many prizes are there? 100.

Yes. One. Hundred. Prizes.

You could win one of them.

Just go to her blog and sign up. Simple as that. 

What can you win?

ARCS and a Hardcover Copy of her debut novel, Across the Universe

Bookmarks (from her book and other authors)



In other words, VERY AWESOME STUFF.

Why are you still here??? Go, go, go!!

And please remember to read Karsten Knight's EPIC QUERY here

Best of luck to all who enter!!


  1. Entered and blogged! You post the best stuff! What would I do without you and Lindsay?

  2. OMG! So awesome. I'm off to enter now. :)