Friday, December 24, 2010

Fess Up Friday: My Christmas (And Birthday) Wishlist

So. Tomorrow is Christmas. The day after that is Kwanzaa.

And my birthday :D

Here is my wishlist for both occasions: (feel free to send whichever gift you can!)

My husband, Jensen Ackles. (duh)

My lovers, which include:

Jesse Williams

Chace Crawford

Sam Worthington

Garrett Hedlund

Channing Tatum

(there are more, but that would make this post too long. And, you know, stalker-ish...)

Instead of getting those lovelies, I'm stuck with... *epic drumroll of doom*

My five-year-old cousin. Who wants to kill me in my sleep. Or steal my candy. Perhaps both.


Now fess up: What's on your wishlist??


  1. You have my boyfriend, Jesse Williams, on your list. He's definitely on the top of my wishlist, along with Leo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake. :)

  2. Happy Christmas!
    That is a mighty fine list to have. Mmmm. :)

    I'm hoping for Ryan Reynolds in my stocking this year. :)

  3. Awwww!! Your little cousin is just too adorable!!!

    My wishlist is to be healthy and free from my cold!! LOL! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!

    And yowza!! Birthday AFTER Christmas!!!! yay!! Take care

  4. I think Santa's gonna have trouble...looks like you, Pam & I all asked for Jesse this year! But as a consolation, I'll take Chace instead!

  5. Merry Christmas! And I hope you have a Happy Birthday tomorrow! :)

  6. Golden Eagle--Thanks!!!

    Old Kitty--Hope your cold gets kicked to the curb. Those are nasty suckers during the holidays :(

    Merry Christmas, everyone! And help yourselves to my list, of course ;)

  7. :D Great wishlist! I'm with Lindsay on the Ryan Reynolds crush. I hope you had a lovely Christmas/Kwanzaa/Birthday! You deserve it!

    May Jensen Ackles stumble upon this blog, realize you are actually married to each other, and sweep you away for a second honeymoon. :)