Thursday, August 23, 2012

Douchebags Are Not Sexy, Folks

Yesterday, the lovely Mindee Arnett asked a few questions on Twitter:

Anyone else there seen This Means War
If so, are we agreed it's an example of a love triangle that did not work?

**WARNING: spoilers ahead**

Since I've seen the movie, I figured I'd chime in with my views on it. Yes, I completely agree with Mindee's assessment of the love triangle--it didn't work. At all.

First of all, Reese Witherspoon's character is torn between these two men:

Tom Hardy on the left, Chris Pine on the right.

Yep, Reese has a REALLY HARD DECISION to make. Well, that's what it seems like on the surface. You see, Chris Pine's character is a douchebag. He knows it. He embraces it. He lives and breathes douchebaggery with no shame whatsoever. His days are spent scoping out women, using lame pick-up lines on women, flaunting his money in front of women, hooking up with women, and making fun of his best friend (Tom's character) for believing in true love.

In the end, Reese's character picks him.


Does he change throughout the movie? He falls in love with Reese's character, yes, and he forsakes his womanizing ways after he falls for her. But here's my biggest problem: I have no idea why she fell in love with him. Tom's character is a gentleman extraordinaire. He treats her with respect and kindness. He takes her on romantic yet fun dates. He loves his son and introduces Reese's character to him so they can bond. Also, HE'S TOM HARDY.

*face palm*

I understand some women dislike men who are too sweet, too mellow, or too "safe". I get it. But for the love of Batman, why pick the dude who objectifies you and womankind in general? The same thing is often seen in fiction, which is why I'm bringing it up. A bad boy, or a boy with an edge, isn't the same thing as a douchebag. The latter is a class all its own.

 Sorry, but to me, douchebags are not sexy. They are not rockin' ze boat. 

Give me sweet, mellow and safe Tom Hardy ANY DAY. *stares at Tom*

Now tell me: have you seen This Means War? If so, what do you think about the ending? Do you find douchebags appealing, or are you like me and think they're not appealing at all?


  1. Well, okay then Amparo, I am NOT going to see this film. I saw reviews and really like Reese, see practically every movie she's in but I won't see this one. Thank you for the review that saved me money because I would've been very upset by this premise "nice guys finish last" because I don't believe it. Like you, I totally agree with the title of your post.

    1. LOL!! I actually did enjoy the movie, but the ending upset me (how do you NOT pick Tom Hardy?). If ever you change your mind (wait till it comes on HBO?), let me know what you think!

  2. I didn't see the movie so I have no comment on that, but I agree with this:
    "A bad boy, or a boy with an edge, isn't the same thing as a douchebag."

    There is a difference.

    1. YES! Thanks for saying that, Jennifer! Some people confuse the two terms, and I think it's quite the dangerous confusion. Hopefully, it will lessen with better examples of bad boys films/fiction give their audiences.

  3. Sounds like a film I'd want to avoid at all costs.
    And honestly, I highly doubt a douchebag would change his ways even if he did fall in love. More bad Hollywood writing.

  4. I enjoyed the movie, and I thought it was eminently more romantic that Tom Hardy's character ended up with *spoiler* his former spouse. That's as romantic as it gets for a true romantic. I get what you're saying about the douchebag thing, and I actually disagree with movies that give girls the false impression that they could be THE ONE girl who breaks the bad boy of his badboyishness. It's a dangerous idea that leads to a lot of heartbreak. But for some reason, I was okay with this ending. I think it's because Reese's character isn't exactly a saint herself. It was sort of a "they deserve each other" feeling for me at the end. After all, what kind of girl doesn't pick Tom Hardy?! ;)

  5. I agree with you 100%. Letting a character pick a douchebag without him actually learning anything or becoming a better person just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    Will therefore be avoiding this movie.