Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Get Nothing Done: The SHERLOCK Edition

So. I am sick. Very, very sick. 


Naturally, my sickness has led me to Netflix. Again. Oh, how my sickness messes with daily plans... 

Anyway. Netflix. I was browsing through a bunch of shows I haven't seen yet, trying to decide which one I'd dive into after the awesomeness that is Merlin. There's this one show that kept taunting me with its presence. The same show I SWORE to anyone and everyone I'd stay away from.

Anyone and everyone: "But it's a great show, Amparo! You should watch it!"

Me: "No. I am not interested."

Anyone and everyone: "But it's a great show with great acting! Watch it now!!!"

Me: "No."



You know what I'm going to say. You know who ended up losing this futile war of wills.

BBC One's Sherlock

Sherlock owns my soul. It owns my soul the way puppies with wagging tails and clumsy feet own my soul. It is the kind of love that is healthy and unhealthy at the same time. The kind that glues me to the TV while coughing and burning up and crying from my congestion and makes me forget I'm coughing and burning up and crying from my congestion.

The writing? Clever. Hilarious. Touching.

The acting? SUPERB (I know Cumberbatch is a favorite of many peeps, but OMG, Martin Freeman is a subtle genius).

The villain? THE VILLAIN???? I. Am. Obsessed. With the Moriarty on this show. I CANNOT even tell you. No. I really can't. I often quote him and mimic his voice and it's just not something I should be confessing. But there you go.

Also, Mrs. Hudson. *gives her ALL the hugs*

For those of you who aren't huge Sherlock Holmes fans, I'm right there with you. I wasn't excited about starting this show at all. But as a writer, a lover of stories, and a lover of stories about allies who fight against crime, I am fascinated with the tight, unapologetic plotting of twists and LOL moments. It's an art, really. An art I do not master. The relationship between Sherlock and John is far more heartwarming than I was expecting, too. They work and live together but they're not friends but oh wait yes they are but nope they're arguing again but nope they've made up but OH SNAP Sherlock has just ruined it again. 

One of the most awesome roller coasters in the land of television.

I cannot wait for Season 3---> words I thought I'd never say. *sigh*

Do you watch Sherlock? If so, what's your favorite thing about the show?


  1. I do watch Sherlock! And I do really enjoy that show. :)
    As for Merlin, I wouldn't blame you if you stayed away from it. Not because it isn't a good show (it really, really is) but because it's an awful lot to get into and it'll break your heart. So there, you've been warned (says the girl who watches supernatural, sherlock, and Doctor Who and cries practically every episode)

  2. I finished Merlin a few weeks ago! It DID break my heart. A LOT. *sobs* I'm still scarred, to be honest. That show means so much to me and I didn't even know it would affect me this way. But hey, I'm a crier, too :)

  3. Best show ever. No, wait, that doesn't convey my feelings enough.
    Yes, it's brilliant, and don't even worry, I talk like Moriarty all the time. The actor who plays him is a genius (as are, of course, Cumberbatch and Freeman). I've been going through and rewatching it again because I neeeeeed it and I CAN'T. WAIT. until season three is filmed, let alone released.