Thursday, September 16, 2010

How To Get Nothing Done: The Veronica Mars Edition

Friends, I have been pulling my hair out this week. 

I have been struggling to stay afloat in my own freakin' life. Outlining, homework, critiquing, blogging--I blame none of these things for my time management problems. No, I can do all that without complaining. I like making up daily schedules and to-do lists. That's what I'm all about.

But then I discovered something... dangerous.


Ladies and gents, I have a new addiction:

Yes, folks. Veronica Mars has ruined my life.

How did I not see this show when it was actually on TV??? Now I'm stuck spending precious time downloading episodes when I should be reading or writing! FTW!!

In case you know nothing about this show, Veronica is a sleuth (cool word, huh?). She's the daughter of a private investigator who was once the town sheriff. After Veronica's best friend was murdered, everything went to Hades--Papa Mars accused the dead girl's father, lost his job when no evidence supported his case, and Veronica fell from popular girl grace and became an outcast. Each episode has a little mystery she has to solve, plus the major story arc involving the BFF's murder. 

Okay. Now I'm going to ask for a favor, blogging buddies. I need you to scold me. Slap me around. Tell me to get a grip and go back to my regular duties. Threaten to kill Jensen Ackles if I don't stop thinking about Veronica Freakin' Mars. 

I'm sure I'll thank you... someday... maybe...


  1. i never saw it. but hugs on the busy life. hope it slows down for you soon!

  2. I. LOVE. That show. Actually, I watched it while I was writing the first draft of my novel, last year. (Not at the exact same time, but you know what I mean.)

    I usually set up a system of rewards for myself. Write for two hours, then you can watch an episode. Generally works. But if it doesn't...I can always yell at you. If you want.

  3. I wish I could help with the scolding, but Veronica Mars is just too good! I love Kristen Bell.

  4. I can't scold you...I love that show as well.
    Now I want it on DVD! lol.

  5. LOL! I love that show. I stayed up late into the mornings watching episodes I had loaded down. it's so bad it's good. =)

  6. Awwwww!!! Being a non-violent sort of person could I just throw you a virtual ((((((hug)))))) and send you some chocolate?

    I've not hear of this show but it sounds ever so good!!! I love that fall from grace premise!
    Enjoy your obsession!! :-)

    Take care

  7. Ah! I just added this to my Netflix watch instantly. Should I remove it? I'm having enough trouble doing my critiques, edits, writing AND actual away-from-the-computer living. Thanks for the warning!

    And get some outlining done! :-)

  8. Season one and two were awesome, season one was much stronger/ It's an awesome show. I stopped watching season three.

    I hate/love finding a new addiction/tv show. :-)

  9. I never watched it but sending good working vibes your way... and hopefully your ability to stand firm against the distraction that is your current obsession is far great than mine. Good luck! ;)

  10. Ah, this show sounds so aweomse! Must renew my Netflix account stat!

    But then again, maybe it's a good thing I haven't gotten hooked on this show? I get distracted so easily! I gobbled up the first season of Dexter in, like, three days...

  11. I'm sorry hon, I cannot in good conscious threaten Jensen Ackles. I love him TOO much. I understand about TV show addictions. First it was Dexter, then Supernatural, then Vampire Diaries, and now Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I saw none of these shows in the first season and watched them on DVD. Oh, and all seven or eight seasons of 24.

  12. I'd love to help you out, but I need to check this little show out for myself!

  13. Yay!! Love the fact that no one wants to slap me!!

    Seriously, though, it's a show I am beyond happy to have discovered. Yeah, it keeps me from doing other stuff, but it's worth it. I get to smile more often now ;)

  14. YES!! love love love Veronica (so I can't slap you)!

  15. Hey stumbled upon this while on Twitter. It's okay, I know how you feel I just got addicted to Veronica Mars a little over a week ago and I'm now halfway through season 2! It's probably the worst most addicting thing to ever happen to me, but I can't stop.
    So I can't scold you because I'm currently doing the exact same thing. Should never have gone online on Netflix....