Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10 TV Shows Blogfest!!!!

I am super excited to be a part of Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Top 10 TV Shows Blogfest!! Woot!

Okay. TV. I freakin’ l-o-v-e the thing. And I have ten reasons why.

I’ve decided to divide the shows into two groups of five. Group One is called No Longer Alive. Group Two is called Still Kicking.

Here is Group No Longer Alive:

10) Dawson’s Creek

Teen angst at its finest. And Joshua Jackson. *sigh*

9) Friends

This was the first sitcom that actually made me laugh. Out loud. More than once. A real winner in my eyes.

8) Heroes (Season One)

Great premise, cast and special effects. Then came Season Two. It was okay, but not as great as before. I will forever miss the awesomeness of the beginning.

7) Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Do I really have to explain myself here?

6) Veronica Mars

Confession: I did not watch this show while it was on air. I am watching it now, and hating myself for waiting three years to discover this gem.

Now I give you Group Still Kicking:

5) Bones

Doctors give me the creeps. Anthropologists working with the FBI? Now that’s my kind of show. Plus, it’s hilarious. Who knew people who mess with corpses were hilarious?

4) Fringe

Sci-Fi at its finest. An amazing female protagonist who kicks more ass than I thought possible. And Joshua Jackson. *sigh again*

3) Gossip Girl

First word: gossip. Me likes it. And those love/hate relationships? Sold.

2) Smallville

Superman as a teen, then as a sort-of man trying to balance his secret identity with the real world. And he is sometimes shirtless. Count. Me. In.

1) Supernatural

In the words of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless: “Duh.”

*Bonus show: The Vampire Diaries

‘Cause I just can’t stick to rules :)


  1. I never would have guessed that you like Supernatural!(HA!HA!) Love the rest of your list too! We think alike on a few.

  2. I have to say I"m SHOCKED that smallville is still on the air but Veronica Mars isn't. Your list was awesome and I fangirled out when I saw it.

  3. You have plenty of my faves up there, including Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Fringe, and Friends. Great list. :)

  4. Yayyy!!! I love Buffy, Friends, and Gossip Girl. Did you see the GG premiere?!

  5. Looks like Bones and Friends are the only ones I have seen.

  6. Good choices! Smallville and Supernatural are on my list, too!

    Every time I see Joshua Jackson, I have flashbacks of The Mighty Ducks. :D

  7. Great list. I love Bones but didn't watch it from the beginning so I feel like I'm missing out on stuff. I try to watch reruns when I find them, but then it feels disjointed. But I love the characters and their chemistry.

  8. Heroes!! I'm glad I've stuck with it! But are they gonna have a series 5?!?!?! I hope so!

    Take care

  9. *sigh* Joshua Jackson.

    Okay, I did not know that Smallville was still on the air, probably b/c we don't do cable deals when it's all free online. :-) I never know what's going on any given day of the week, but I love almost all the shows you listed, esp Bones and the first season of Heroes (totally agree with you on that one, too).

    Is it just me, or do other novelists get annoyed when screen-writers mess up a character arc for the sake of another season?


  11. Fringe came THIS close to making my list as well. Just too many good shows. Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  12. Buffy and Fringe are both great shows. Buffy almost made my list and Fringe hasn't been on *quite* long enough to get a spot.

    Friends is my favorite sit-com and my second fave show.

  13. I really like a good portion of this list. you should check out Farscape if you haven't. Your list tells me you will like it.

  14. I knew I'd find the Supernatural love here ;-)

    I adore your list! I watch/have watched most everything on it on a regular basis.

  15. I have Heroes and Fringe on my list. Looks like we have similar tastes in concepts beyond the averagr four dimensional space time continuum.

    Stephen Tremp

  16. Love it. Heroes, but just season one. Good list. Supernatural is my favourite show on TV atm I think.

  17. Love Vampire Diaries even though it didn't make my top ten! Ditto for Supernatural and Buffy! You have such a good list here.

  18. what happened to heroes? smallville rocks.
    such great choices.

  19. Alas I am not familiar with your list but enjoyed reading about them. I live in the UK so we don't always get the same programmes.


  20. I have no words other than you know I'll agree with all those picks. Especially number one. ;)

  21. Veronica Mars is another one that just barely missed out on my list. Love Fringe too, but its too early to tell if its gonna be one of my favorites. :)

  22. Yay, you mentioned Friends! One of my all-time favorites.

  23. i love almost every show on your list, and the ones i don't- it's because i haven't seen them!

  24. I agree with all but three. *high five* Supernatural!!! SQUEEEEE!!

  25. I gotta say, I don't watch any of these! With the exception of Friends, which I think everyone watched at some point :)

  26. Great choices!!! I loved a lot of these!!!

  27. You have so many good ones! I agree with most. You have great taste. =)

  28. I was watching Smallville and Fringe but then I stopped. They were fine shows, but I've just cut back on watching TV.

    Tossing It Out

  29. Supernatural is good - that's a fun one that I try to catch from time to time.

  30. Still waiting to finish Heroes Season 1. I'm so far behind the curve!! And Supernatural? So unbelievable. I'm a big Buffy fan as well.

    I really like how you categorized the shows here.

  31. Your list is basically just awesome im not the hugest fan of all these shows but they are all good :)

  32. Amparo, great list. I love Friends and I've thought about checking out Bones. Think I'll do that now.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following, that rebel, Olivia

  33. Great List, I love watching Vampire Diaries and Heroes was fun~ I have seen some of Supernatural, may have to rent this one on Netflix~

  34. AWESOME list! OMG Dawson's Creek and Veronica Mars--YES!