Friday, September 10, 2010

Fess Up Friday: Is Three A Crowd?

Okay, folks. Today we're gonna talk about something I've been seeing a lot lately. YA books seem to be flooded with this particular situation, and while I enjoy it at times, there are some stories that could work better without it. 

This week's trend question: what do you think about love triangles?

Edward: "She's mine, Doggie Breath! All mine!"
Jacob: "No way, Glo Stick! She's mine, beeyatch!!!"
Bella: "Uh... I'll just... stand over here and pout for a while..."

Confession: I love me some good romantic tension. But creating a love triangle for the sake of making the main character's life more complicated just doesn't do it for me. There has to be depth in her turmoil, a legit reason she can't choose between two guys. And the two guys need to be three-dimensional, well-crafted characters, not just eye candy. 

Thinking someone is hot isn't enough for anyone to fall in love, my friends. Just sayin'.

What say you, blogging buddies? Love em or hate em?


  1. Thumbs down. What do young girls learn from that...if you don' have two guys pining after you there's something wrong with you?

  2. You're right-it has to work for the situation!
    "No way, Glo Stick!" *snort*

  3. I love the tension in a love triangle, but it has to make sense to the plot. If not, why have it in there?

  4. I'm sort of torn.

    The writer inside me says: "no! Most of the time they're contrived and they're just an excuse to put people on teams and make tee shirts or something!"

    The reader inside me says: LOVElovelove. Probably because it's like a fun puzzle: "who is better for her? WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?"

    Usually the writer wins. Hence the lack of love triangles in my writing.

  5. I’ve written one in my books. I don’t mind them when I’m reading but I’m not all Team Whatever for the sake of it. I love a good romantic storyline in a book, but threatening that storyline with a possible other love interest isn’t needed. But, if done well, sure, why not!

  6. I meant to say I've never written one in my books. LOL. I need to learn to proofread before I post. Ha!

  7. I'm not a fan of the contrived love triangle, especially as you say, when one or both of the love interests are merely hot.

    Before Twilight, I didn't even think of a love triangle as two people in love with one person. I thought of real life: he loves her, but she loves this other guy, and that guy doesn't even know she exists. It was a more open-ended shape than a triangle, I guess. That kind of triangle, I understand. It happens all the time, unrequited love.

    But two people going after one person, both convinced they are her soul mate? 9 times out of 10, this feels contrived to me. In the crush stage, it makes sense. But true love doesn't just happen in copious amounts. :-) Real people crush first, like next, and love last. Even paranormal should have this reality (see Paranormalcy for a great example).

    Man, I'm opinionated today. Thanks for this great discussion starter, Amparo! You're awesome!

  8. Hmm, I'm torn too. I like a love triangle that is in their for the plot, not just for the sake of it...but I do like good old romantic tension.

  9. i would quite ike a love triangle between myself, mark ruffalo and bad pittx

  10. I love your dialogue!! LOL!!! "I'll just stand over here and pout.." LOL!!

    Love triangles are great if like you say they are handled sensitively and with depth because they are very complicated and emotional situations. If they are contrived for the sake of the narrative then maybe not.

    Take care

  11. It depends on the situation. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. However more often then not, I find, it's done poorly and I am unsatisfied. But I DO love a good triangle. Good being a very important, key, word.

    I LOVE your dialogue. I read it three times it was so brilliant.

  12. I'm not a fan. I've never even witnessed anything remotely resembling a love triangle in real life, so I have a hard time with them. I have to be absolutely head over heels for each of the characters for other reasons to buy any sort of trifecta of angsty love.

  13. I've been around the block, but I have to admit I've never had a vampire AND a werewolf after me at the same time:0) As for love triangles, I've seen he-likes-her-but-she-wants-he2, but two guys she can't choose from? Come on, that's just greedy!
    I think there are plenty of options/headaches/tensions in real life relationships that writers can use to create a believeable story, even in paranormal fantasy (A fave of mine).

  14. I agree with a lot of what the previous commenters have said.

    If it's a contrived love triangle, then BOO!

    But if it makes sense, then...potential yay!

    I say "potential" because a lot depends on execution at that point. A love triangle can start off really exciting and steamy, but then it tapers off into boring-ness.

  15. If it fits the story, isn't gratuitous, and adds great tension I'm all for it.