Friday, October 29, 2010

Fess Up Friday: What Makes Fantasy Awesome

Today we have a special guest to the Operation Awesome blog! The wonderful Janice Hardy, author of THE SHIFTER and BLUE FIRE, is stopping by to talk about what makes fantasy awesome! Run over and check it out!

In honor of Janice's guest post, I'm going to throw ya'll a question related to what she shared for this edition of Fess Up Friday. 

Tell me: what makes fantasy awesome to you?

For me, it's all about Janice's #1 and # 10 picks: magic, and the 'anything is possible' attitude.  I love getting sucked into settings that I never dreamed of. The allure, to me, comes in the shape of that ever-awesome 'what if?'

What if dragons really did exist?

What if I could transport myself to the next continent by drinking a potion, or flicking a wand? 

What if Alexander Skarsgaard was shirtless all the time???

Okay. That last one doesn't quite make sense in this post, but it's me, after all. Had to say it...

How about you? What makes fantasy awesome in your eyes?


  1. I agree with that. That the anything can happen and you are free to dream and desing and create whatever world and gadgets you want without ever having to think if they'd really work

  2. Ooh, I like the #1 and #10 picks, too! Anything is possible--that's a big deal because we're told that as children and believe it less and less as we get older. I think fantasy brings us back to the true possibilities of our world by unleashing the creativity that really does make our reality a better place.

    Dreamers, after all, are our inventors, revolutionaries, and motivational speakers. Fantasy is important as well as fun.

    I've been thinking about Kristal's post today, too: how many people were inspired to become writers because of Harry Potter?

    Heading over to soak in Janice Hardy's genius right now!

    wordver: sirman--for times when "Sir" or "Man" are too formal or too informal, respectively.

  3. Magic, and anything is possible are definitely on my list as well. It's also the freedom. The freedom to create and make my characters anything and everything I can think of!

  4. I love fantasy because there is magic and mysticism, old fashioned heroism of the heroic kind, awesome Xena-like women, and yep - TALKING ANIMALS. Oh yes!!

    Take care