Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Reasons Why I'd Kill To Do NaNo

So. NaNoWriMo has arrived.

And I won't be a part of it.


Trust me when I say I have very boring reasons for skipping out. They make me want to punch them square in the face and laugh when they smack their boo-tays on the floor. 

Anyway, I'm skipping out. Against my will. That's why I figured I'd tell you why I think NaNo would be awesome for me. I've narrowed it down to 5 non-boring reasons:

#1 It forces me to write. Every. Day.

I know, I know--you can't force the creative juices. You'll end up with a steaming pile of guano. BUT I'm an exception, my friends. No, I don't end up with roses and pearls for a manuscript, but I do end up working very well under pressure. It's my favorite way to do anything. Bottom line: Whatever I produce is better than not producing at all. 

#2 It's my chance to forget about The Rules (for just 30 days...)

The point of NaNo is to come up with 50k words. That's it. They may suck harder than Rob Zombie's movies, but at least it's a book. Or half of it. 

#3 Everybody cheers you on.

That sense of  sitting at the cool kids' table I've gotten from blogging and critiquing is multiplied a bazillion times through NaNo. No, I've never actually been a part of NaNo, but I've read many testimonials around the blogosphere. I'm always in awe of people who take time to help, and/or root for, strangers. 

#4 It takes my mind off very boring things I shall not waste my time discussing.

I think that one explains itself.

#5 Whether or not you "win" by reaching 50k, you started a book.

Writing a book isn't a piece of cake, right? Then you shouldn't downplay your success by going all self-deprecating and shouting, "I didn't make iiiiiit!!!!" 

Guess what? The only person who cares if you made it or not is you. 

And my advice would be to not care. This isn't a contest, my friend. It's the cool kids' table :D

Tell me: are you doing NaNo this year?


  1. Yep!

    It really is like sitting at the cool kids' table. :D

  2. Yes! And we miss you when we're write-a-thon-ing. I'm looking forward to lots of that when all your "boring" stuff fades into the past. *hugs for being strong*

    I like thinking of Nano as the cool kids' table. I really feel that way when I see multi-published authors talking to aspiring writers in the forums. Too cool, really.

    Sometimes I get too distracted to write, and then I have to pump all my words out at once. :) Hang in there, Amparo! Next year will be easier.

    wordver: hotivil--a village for hotties (Jensen Ackles for mayor)

  3. ROFL!!!

    Meg, glad to know I'm not the only who thinks that!

    Katrina, I believe you just MURDERED ME with that word!!!

    You best believe I am writing a book called HOTTIEVILLE. Nuff said.

    Thans for the well wishes!!

  4. There's always next year!!!!! that's what I say to myself anyway!! :-)

    Awwwwww I'll also be cheering from the sidelines - but I'll be cheering as loud as I can! Take care

  5. I've never done NaNo...November is generally too busy for me to try to take part! ;-)

    Love the list though. I followed you here from Operation Awesome...I see you are a fellow Jensen Ackles fan, huh? Check out my contest at www.kristichestnutt.blogspot.com for related Jensen bootay!

  6. This made me laugh, thanks! I'm doing Nano, sorry you can't make it for this year, but cheers to being able to withstand the addiction! (I can't, so inspite of my ridiculous schedule and everything, I'm doing it anyway. Yes. I am crazy) :P (and I like the cool kids' table..)

  7. I feel your pain. I really really wanted to do it too but bailed at the last minute for a variety of my own boring reasons. We can commiserate together. And be boring.:)

  8. I am attempting to....something usually ends up coming up and yanking me out of the race, but for the moment, I'm participating and going strong :)

  9. Yes, I signed up! Admittedly, I don't think I'll make the 50,000-words since I write super slowly, but I wanted to do NaNo to force me to crank out some wordage. We'll see how it goes!