Friday, November 5, 2010

Fess Up Friday: Tweet To My 16-Year-Old Self

Yesterday I discovered a rather awesome hashtag going around on Twitter. It goes a little something like this: #tweettoyour16yearoldself

Mouth. Ful.

Anyway, I thought I'd join in on the action for Fess Up Friday. The perfect tweet for my 16-year-old self (who had major issues, mainly because of my undying love for NSync...) (whom I no longer love...) (seriously...) (why are you staring at me like that??) would be this:

shut the f**k up and keep writing

The 'keep writing' part is obvious, right? Right.

First half... not so much. Was I a talker? Nope. I was more of a listener. Still am, I suppose. But I did talk to the mirror a lot. And to pictures of myself. 

What did I say?

Things were never going to get better. Suck would follow me for as long as I lived. Life was just an oversized version of high school, where people look at you weird if you scribble on a notebook outside of class. If you quote your favorite authors. If you write (rather sucky) poems for your friends on Valentine's Day. 

My 23-year-old self has every urge to go back in time, punch my wimpy boo-tay into shape, and tell it to keep writing. Even if it goes nowhere, at least I'm happy. 

Now it's your turn: what would you tweet to your 16-year-old self?


  1. Yeah, I'd say something similar. The negative self-talk we subject ourselves to is almost criminal. I'm not saying we should look in the mirror and say, "I'm smart, I'm beautiful and gosh darn it, people like me!" I just think we'd all be happier if we focused less on what we "are" or "are not" and put that energy into our amazing dreams and goals, like becoming widely read authors! *gets all giddy just thinking about it*

    Also, I've got a new slogan for your blog: Amparo Ortiz: Keeping it Real since 1987

  2. Oh, I would totally be slapping my sorry 16 yr old butt silly - draaaaaaama queen :D

  3. Erm. Lose the perm and change your glasses to one that suits your face shape. LOL! Take care

  4. I was a Backstreet Boys fan myself (oops, still am...) and I would tell myself to stop caring so much what other people thought of me. But 16 year old me probably wouldn't have listened.

  5. N'Sync 4ever!


    I'd tell my 16yo self to not base my self-confidence on how many dates I went on, which was zero. Honestly, I would've been so much happier!

    Also, I'd tell myself to go to the dermatologist. That could have helped with the dating thing... :)

  6. Haha! Man, I'm glad I'm not 16 anymore! Granted, sometimes I wish 16 hadn't been so long ago either.

    I'd probably tell myself:

    Stop worrying about what other people think and do things that make you happy!

  7. I'd tell myself to lay off the hairspray and to keep writing...I stopped out of frustration and didn't start back up for years.