Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I Love Harry Potter: LOL Characters

At last, we come to my Reasons Why I Love Harry Potter conclusion *sobs* This last reason is one that really takes the cake for me. I mean, yeah, Rowling's series is packed with gloom and doom, right? Voldemort is a nasty piece of work, isn't he? The Death Eaters??? Professor Freakin' Umbridge?????

That's why I appreciate Rowling's balance--she gives us the darkest of the dark, and the brightest of the bright.

She makes us laugh moments before we're forced to cry.

These are some of the best examples (to me) of LOL characters in the series:

The Weasley Twins

Naughty + Sneaky + Sarcastic = Awesome

Luna "Loony" Lovegood

She says it like it is. Believes in things/creatures everyone else knows doesn't exist. Has a heart of gold. What's not to love?

Rubeus Hagrid

A kid in a grownup's suit. With a kickass bike. And a really bad hair day... every day. 

Dobby the house elf

Refers to himself in the third person tense. Is more afraid of dirty laundry than his Death Eater ex-master.  Gets seriously. Pissed. Off. When people talk trash about Harry. Can we clone him??

There they are, folks--LOL characters top off what makes the world of Harry Potter an epic win. 

Anybody else who makes you laugh out loud??


  1. I love Luna Lovegood.

    I think Ron is a good "comic" character too. Neville Longbottom too. Oh yeah, and so is Professor Trelawny!

    (I could go on, but I won't.) ;)

    Can't wait to see the film!!!! *faints*

  2. Awesome! I love Luna, too. She just rocks! =D

  3. The never-grew-up relationship between Lupine and Sirius always made me smile. And yeah, Fred and George: I just wanted to gobble them up throughout the whole series. HP without them would have been much less fun.

    Their illegal antics also served the purposes of making Harry, Ron and Hermione look like cub scouts in comparison. Heh heh. Gotta love characters with no respect for authority.

  4. Luna is the BOMB. I also really like Tonks though, she's was the coolest klutz ever.

  5. Luna!!! :-) We love Luna!! Take care