Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Kiss BLOGFEST!!!!

So. Today I continue with my blogfest obsession with Frankie Diane Mallis's NO KISS BLOGFEST!! Woot!

What: post a scene from your work, or from one your fave books, movies, or TV shows. The scene must be one in which two characters are about to make out, then... 

Nothing happens.

Cruel, I know. But so. So. Awesome.

My scene: For this entry, I thought about posting something from a book I love. Something so bittersweet that broke my heart and stomped on it. But... I sort of changed my mind. Because... you know... I do that sometimes.

Anyway. My scene. It is epic, folks. In fact, one of the characters says so. 

Who the heck am I talking about?

Veronica Mars 


Logan Echolls


Okay. Veronica and Logan, from the uber-awesome TV show Veronica Mars, are an awesome couple. At least, they were until Season 2, where Logan was accused of murdering a motorcycle gang member. Veronica was by his side through thick and thin (because she believed he was innocent... which he TOTALLY was), but Logan sort of flipped out. He started partying and plotting revenge on the people he thought had set him up. He did very immature things that Veronica disapproved of. So she dumped him. 

And on Prom Night, Logan did this:

That, folks, is a No Kiss made of epic fail. *sigh*

Please make sure you check out the other entries here, and join in on the fun! Thanks to Frankie for hosting this blogfest, as well as a shoutout to Katrina for hosting yesterday's blogfest!! 

Have a good No Kiss Day, everyone!!


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot how Logan & Veronica broke my heart. You're right that is epic.

  2. VERONICA MARS...I hope you didn't just hear me yell that through the screen. I forgot about this epic almost-kiss scene. *lesigh* Broke my heart all over again.

  3. Major props to shouting out Veronica Mars. One of the greatest shows of all time. :)

  4. Love Veronica Mars. I so wish it was still on! Thanks for posting this- I forgot about this scene!

  5. I love Veronica Mars! I'm so sad it's not on anymore. Le sigh. That scene was fab! Well, fab in a sort of heartbreaking way.


  6. I miss Veronica Mars SO much. It's one of my favorites. Sigh. Thanks for reminding us!! :)

  7. Yay for Veronica Mars. I couldn't see the clip *sniff* but i remember that scene. :)

  8. HOW DARE you do that to me?!?! *sigh* oh Veronica, I miss you...

  9. I never got to see much Veronica Mars, but this makes it woooooooooorth it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Awwwww!! Poor boy!!! The look on his face!!

    But Veronica did well resisting though!!!

    Thanks for sharing!! Take care

  11. Ohhh Veronica Mars! I didn't get into this show until the last season, but I really should go back and watch it from start to finish! so good! Great No-Kiss clip!

  12. Ok I soooo need to watch this show already! Thanks for posting! :D

  13. I had never seen Veronica mars before- now I might have to find some to watch. Thanks for posting!

  14. I loved that show. Miss it. Great scene. Thanks for sharing.

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