Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Query, Pitch, And Agent Referral CONTESTS!!

So. Behold this list of epic awesomeness, folks. It is all about contests:

1) Operation Awesome (my other hangout) is having a Mystery Agent Contest next week!! Head over there to see what Mystery Agent is looking for in his/her slush pile, and polish that 25-word pitch until it shines. See you there on February 1st!

2) The uber-awesome Shelli Johannes of Market My Words is offering an AGENT REFERRAL to one lucky winner. Trust me--you want that referral. Oh yes, you do. Go here to check the details. 

3) My 200 Followers Contest is still on!! Deadline's tomorrow, so sign up here for a chance to win a query critique by yours truly :D

Hope you're all having a great week!

Now tell me: any other contests I haven't heard about??? Let me know!


  1. Thanks for all the tips! Very cool. :)

  2. Awww such fab contests and giveaways!! Thank you!!

    Theresa Milstein of A substitute Teacher's Saga blog is having one - lots of yummy giveaways too!!! I hope it's ok to put a link here? She writes YA.


    Take care

  3. Although I love the book I won in your contest a couple weeks ago, I hope I didn't use up all my mojo on it, hehe. Off to check them out (and we're having a contest, too, if you want to try to win 3 books off of me this time!).