Monday, January 24, 2011

200 Followers Contest: FIVE QUERY CRITIQUES!!

Folks, I am lame. I reached 200 followers a while ago, but I TOTALLY forgot to celebrate. *slaps wrist*

In honor of said blogging milestone, I've decided to have a nice lil' contest. And since my latest obsession has been queries, I figured I'd keep fueling the fire. Also, Elana Johnson's amazeballs ebook, FROM THE QUERY TO THE CALL, is available for free. Yes, f-r-e-e. You can download this brilliant piece of awesomeness here.

So. Back to the contest. Folks, I love queries. Writing them. Reading them. Critiquing them. That's why I'm going to offer FIVE lucky winners a query critique! *throws confetti* 

Le rules:

1) Follow my blog :)

2) Comment on this post to enter the contest


That's it. 

You can Tweet and/or blog about the contest, but I won't rule you out if you don't. 

The five lucky winners will be announced this Wednesday, January 26th. And don't fret--the winning entries will NOT be posted on the blog. My feedback is meant for your eyes only, so no pressure. In case you do want me to share the query, you may say so, and I'll leave it up with my comments.  

Best of luck to all who enter, and I can't wait to read your babies!!

Oh, and quick reminder: I'm over @ Operation Awesome today. Talking about sex. Fun times.


  1. Congrats on reaching 200 followers! I'm already a follower and would love a look at my query!

  2. Congrats on reaching 200 (well, 213 now) followers. I might be interested in winning a crit. But my query has gone through two rounds of critting last week with other individuals, and the query ended up losing it's voice both times. Mine ended up sounding like the main character was an adult not 17 yo (as one of my writer friends keep pointing out). :(

  3. 200 followers and growing!! Yay!!! Congratulations!!! All the best with your contest!! I'm nowhere near the querying stage but I always like to read the how to's of querying!! Thank you!!!!

    Take care

  4. Woot!! And I love Elana's book. Also, I can vouch for Amparo's awesome critiquing skillz. You want this prize.

  5. Yay! I'm going to vouch for Amparo's crit skills. :D

  6. Congrats on 200 followers! I'm happy to be one of them. :) Thanks for the contest, I'd love another pair of eyes on my query!

  7. Congrats on 200!! I'm already a follower and would love a look at my query !

  8. Did I make it before the deadline? If so, count me in. Well, one of us (we'll fight over it!).
    erica and christy

  9. Congratulations on 200+ followers! :D

    I'm not sure if the deadline's past, but if it hasn't, I'd love to be entered! :)