Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Revisions Blog Party!!!

Happy New Year, peeps!!! *throws confetti*

So. My buddy Katrina is throwing a blogfest today. It's all about revisions. *shudders* 

Okay, that's a lie. I LOVE revisions. I'd take revising any day over drafting. For reals.

So here's my entry for the Revision's Blog Party!!

What I plan to revise: My current WIP, which will *hopefully* be done my mid-February. I started it in November (not for NaNo, though), and spent a lot of time outlining like a maniac. The outline still needs work, but I'm ignoring it at the moment. Focusing on the actual writing part instead :D

The process I'll go through: First, I'll finish the first draft. This one will focus on getting the events in place, making sure the character development is there, as well as my MC's voice. The second draft will be more focused on world-building and setting, but I'll also be on the lookout for plot holes. Usually, I send the finished second draft to my crit partners, and work on a third draft once I have their feedback. Then it's back to square one.

How long I expect it to take: Since my first draft will *hopefully* be done by mid-February, I plan on working on my second draft from that point till mid-March. So, basically, a month. Then it's off to crit partners. *crosses fingers and hopes they like it* Once I get their feedback, I revise with what works best for the story. That will most likely take me another month, so I think I might be able to start querying in late May. 

Easiest part: Fixing dialog/story arc/GMC (goal, motivation, conflict). It's always what others consider the hardest that I love working on (yes, I'm weird like that...). 

Hardest part: Fixing weak writing/passive voice/show vs. tell. You know, the "writerly" stuff. *shudders for real*

When I'll feel done: After five drafts, I think. The fourth will be using crit partner feedback, and the fifth will be a final read-through before querying. *fist pump*

There you have it, friends. 2011 is gonna be a busy year. 

Will you be doing any revisions soon?


  1. Awesome! You and I plan to be done around the same time. We can be in the query trenches together! Woot! Thanks for playing at the blogfest with me. I find it so helpful to learn from good writers what their process looks like.

    And Happy New Year!! (We finally took the Christmas tree down today.)

  2. Good luck with your WIP!

    Happy New Year! :)

  3. I'll be finishing a revision early in the month.

  4. Yes.


    Have a great and fabulous New Year! Take care

  5. Happy New Year!

    I love your revision plans. I'm hoping to finish my current revisions this month. Then i can get stuck into more writing, and reading a certain persons new MS... :)

  6. Good luck with your revisions. I am so damn behind on my draft I fear I'll never revise!