Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Open Letter To Josh Hutcherson And Liam Hemsworth

Dear Josh and Liam,

Congrats on your latest gigs, boys. 

No, seriously. Congrats. 

I know many fans of The Hunger Games are pissed. Plotting your murders. Hacking into your email accounts, if your accounts are anything like Robert Pattinson's. As a fan of Suzanne Collins's series, I am here to tell you I'm not pissed. Surprised? Yes. Very much so. But not pissed.

I haven't seen Liam act yet, but I'm familiar with your work, Josh. You, my friend, can act. No, you don't look a thing like Peeta Mellark. You're too short. Not blonde. But there you go. Sometimes people just have to compromise. I'd rather it be you than... someone else... *twitches*

As for you, Liam, I think you're hot. There. I said it. You. Are. Hot. Are you capable of playing a convincing Gale Hawthorne? *shrugs* I'll save my judgment for when I see the trailer.

Boys, you've been chosen to do something so important, the world will implode if you get it wrong. Your task? To make girls and women swoon their faces off. 

Get it done, gentlemen. Get it done.


The Only Person On The Planet Who Believes In You


  1. People are really upset about this? I'll admit, I would have liked to see less famous faces, but Hutcherson is a decent actor. And I hope that the strength of Collins' characters will outdo any difference in appearance.

    I hope.

  2. Did you see The Last Song? That's what worries me a little bit about Liam Hemsworth, but my husband seems to think that Hutcherson looks like Peeta with dark hair *shrugs* We shall see.

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  4. Awww, what a great post. Josh CAN act and, for that reason, I'm withholding judgment until we see some trailers. Oh Peeta <3

  5. Like you, I'll wait and see how the film turns out. I never saw The Last Song, so I can't judge Liam Hemsworth, but I'm kind of glad they have a decent actor for Peeta. Just PLEASE movie-making peeps, dye his hair like you will for Jennifer Lawrence! :)

  6. Liam was in Last SOng with (cough LAME-O) Miley- totally ruined it. But who the heck is this Josh guy? HE'S going to be PEETA?

  7. I love this letter! And I agree with you 100%.

  8. Ditto! I came across this photoshopped pic of Josh as Peeta

    Minus the fancy wardrobe and hair gel, it's close to how I pictured Peeta. I'm withholding judgment. And Liam? I'll have to see him pissed off before I know if he's the Gale I imagined. :)

  9. Dear Amparo,

    You rock for this.

    Pam <3

  10. LOL

    I believe in them, too! What a crazy tough job they've both taken on. I'm sure they'll deliver! :)

  11. Awesome post. Please let him get Peeta right. PLEASE!!!!!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  12. LOL! I'm not familiar with either of these guys...I think people get a little too bent out of shape when it comes to who's cast for roles. I'm sure the movie will be great. Hopefully, it lives up to the book.