Monday, April 4, 2011

The End Is Nigh: Three Things I Don't Want To Part With

Folks, I am sad. Three things I love are coming to an unfortunate end. *sobs*

Thing #1:

The INHERITANCE CYCLE by Christopher Paolini a.k.a. the only hardcore YA fantasy books I LOVE (besides Kristin Cashore's books).
End date: The fourth and final book comes out November 8th, 2011  

Thing #2:

Okay, okay... Veronica Mars already ended. In 2007. BUT I still haven't seen the last two episodes of Season 3. You know, the last season. Because the show was cancelled. And there are no more episodes after the last two that I'm stalling on because I AM SCARED. And IN DENIAL. *slumps shoulders*
End date: Sometime soon. Damn it...

Thing #3:

Smallville. A show I didn't watch from the beginning, but fell in love with five years later. And no, it wasn't just because of Tom Welling... *blinks* This show has lasted ten years. Let me say that again, TEN YEARS. In TV years, that's a hardcore senior citizen right there. Most shows are lucky to get past Season one. That should tell you something.
End date: (just typing this makes me sad) May 13th, 2011


So there you have it. I am sad. Saying goodbye is stupid. It should be illegal. 

Now tell me: is there anything that's coming to an end soon, but you don't want it to?


  1. I don't feel this way about anything now, but I remember all those years ago when BTVS came to an end. It was the end of an era. My condolences for your loss(es).

  2. The show that'll really kill me when it ends is Mad Men. I can get over anything else. But there is no replacement for Mad Men.

  3. Oh I'm sorry your fave shows are ending!! I think the last American show I thought ended way too soon was "My Name is Earl". I really miss that show! Take care

  4. Wow, Smallville is ending? I watched the first five seasons but lost interest after a while lol. I may have to dive back in for the series finale though!

  5. Oh, yeah, I was sad when Buffy ended...also when LOTR ended. Now I'll be sad when Harry Potter ends. The agony!!!!! :(

  6. Sniff. I was so sad when Buffy ended. And Friends. And Veronica Mars. But I'll be gutted when they finally end Supernatural * fingers crossed for never!*

  7. I don't want to say goodbye to Friday Night Lights! *sniffles* I love that show.