Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crap--The Snob Edition

*cracks knuckles*

So. I'm in grad school. Lit Master's student. 

With... people.

I'll let the awesome Veronica Roth explain what type of people. Because if I do it, it would go something like this:

"That EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE keeps walking around the halls and talking EXPLETIVE about this EXPLETIVE book that I EXPLETIVE loved! He's a EXPLETIVE piece of EXPLETIVE!!!!!"

And that would be immature.

Instead, I've chosen to simply say the following:

"Snobs are people, too."

For reals.

They have beating hearts. They take bathroom breaks. Sometimes, the crap comes out of their mouths, but still. THEY ARE PEOPLE. 

Which means:

1) I can choose how I feel about what they say to me.

2) I can keep working as hard as I already am to be a better writer (and person) (yes, in that order...). 

3) I can embrace my love of things they hate and be a happy camper.

4) I can finally accept that when they call my favorite genre "crap", they're not calling me "crap".

Even though that's what I usually think. Because it's hard for me to separate what I love from who I am. 

Snob: "It's not you, it's your taste in EXPLETIVE bad genres"

Me: "..." 

Folks, love your genres. Love them so hard you'll want to write them forever.

Because when the snobs come along, that love is your greatest weapon.

Now tell me: do you face these kinds of... people... in your neck of the woods??


  1. Sure, people are entitled to their opinions about anything. And you're totally right--you have control over how you react. Your reaction is totally wise; they don't control you or your feelings. And you are in very good company!

  2. I was a political science major and I'm all too familiar with the "snobs." I also had them in my English classes for my other major of Women & Gender studies, "Gee it's great that you did all your research and find me to be a bad person because I like chick flicks, but I'm still going to watch them!"

  3. I have had this same convo with a few writer friends lately. ha! I got my MA in writing and encountered many of those same attitudes. It sucks, but yeah, ignore it and keep writing and blech to them!

  4. When someone goes out of their way to put down something I like (or me), I try to remember in reality they're obviously unhappy with their own life. If they were happy, they wouldn't have a need to put down someone else's enjoyment. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Sometimes ... yes, I think I would say ... a little bit.

    I published a YA novel last May. I am an elementary school teacher. The middle school and high school in my district did not even order a copy for their libraries.

    My daughter repeatedly asked her librarian if she was going to order my book. The librarian said -- to the daughter of the author -- "We'll see. I'll have to 'look' at it and decide."

    So there you go.

    How do I handle it? I remember that Kirkus liked it and Booklist liked it. And I try really hard not to care so much ... without a lot of success.

  6. I'm in an MFA program and most of my classmates AND professors aren't very familiar with the YA community. So...yeah, I feel your pain.

  7. I try to think the same way as you -- it's their choice, but I love (and stick by) my genre. There will always be people who think other genres are more worthy, but that is their loss. YA rules! :D

  8. loveloveLOVE this post. snobs usually Piss. Me. OFF! theres always going to negative sons of EXPLETIVE and the best we can do is writewritewrite until we become the best possible writers we can be.
    once again <3 this post. and the blog, too. I cant believe i wasnt following you earlier!