Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend BLOGFEST!!

So. Valentine's Day is upon us. Awesome, right?


Maybe. Maybe not. 

You see, some of you have your One and Only. Some of you don't. That's why I've chosen to let both teams celebrate with my very first blogfest. *fist pump*

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... 

The Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend Blogfest!!! 

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What: Let's face it--we all get crushes. *nods* Doesn't matter if you're married or not. It happens. My goal with the Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend Blogfest is simple. All you have to do is choose between: 

a) An author crush 
(someone whose works you admire so much you'd make out with the pages!)


b) A celebrity crush 
(TV. Movies. Sports. Doesn't matter, as long as they're famous and (sadly) out of reach). 

and write him/her a love letter on your blog. It can be from your POV, or from the main character of your manuscript's--totally up to you.

When: Since the 14th of February is reserved for your real One and Only, I figured the 15th would be perfect for your Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend! That way, your real One and Only won't feel abandoned or anything. Plenty of love to spread around, right? ;)

Wanna gush about your Fake Other One? Sign up on the linky below!! 

Oh, and don't worry about having to comment on other participants' posts. Like Christina and Stina, I won't make you do that. Just post your love letter and you're done! 

So February 15th is Official Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend Day

See you there!!


  1. I'm off blogfests for a while but this sounds like fun! I will link it up on my blog and of course, read those who participate.

  2. This sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to it! :)

  3. I look forward to reading yours!!! Take care

  4. Love this idea, I can't wait to read yours!

  5. I can't wait to read yours. Now I have to figure out if I can come up with a love letter. I've never written one except for the one I wrote to my husband. When I proposed to him. Which was orignally supposed to be a joke. After that, I swore off writing love letters. ;)

  6. Your blogfest badge is a hoot! I look forward to reading all the entries!

  7. Love this. I love my hubby, but I've written several, er, love letters to my celebrity crush :-)

  8. When I think of a crush that I'd willingly write a letter to.... I am SO in with you on this one!!!

  9. I was never good with love letters, but writing for a fake boyfriend might be a good idea.

  10. I have so many celebrity crushes, I could never narrow it down. Can't wait to read the entries!

  11. OMG I must do this but I can't decide on who yet :). I guess there no doubt who you'll be writing yours about. But then again it can't be Jensen right cause he's the REAL boyfriend. lol

  12. Yay! How fun!!!! The hard part will be narrowing down my celebrity crushes to just 1!

  13. Haha, this is cute!!!

  14. What a great idea! This is going to be fun!

  15. I am sooo in. But who shall I write about? I have way too many crushes.